If Joannie Can Reach Down, So Can Habs

Joannie Rochette, Canada’s Olympic bronze medallist in figure skating, and whose mother had suffered a fatal heart attack in Vancouver just days before Joannie’s big skate, is a Habs fan.

And if Joannie could carry on after losing her mom and go out on the ice and capture a medal along with our hearts, then surely the Canadiens can beat the New York Islanders, Carolina Hurricanes, and Toronto Maple Leafs, all three of whom are out of the playoff picture. And both Carolina and Toronto made the Habs look bad only just recently.

Time to get it done, boys.

What a beautiful thought to see the team crash into the playoffs riding a five-game winning streak and firing on all cylinders.

These three teams will be hoping to play the spoiler and take out the Habs. It won’t happen if the Canadiens can bring it within themselves to dig down deep, and do what Joannie Rochette did – get it done when the going gets tough.

And even if Montreal has a playoff spot wrapped up before they meet Toronto, they still need to destroy the boys in blue. Keep the momentum going, and pay back in a big way after the Leafs had won a heart-breaking shootout ten days ago that drove several of us to drink.

4 thoughts on “If Joannie Can Reach Down, So Can Habs”

  1. Keep it up, Dennis..positive and uplifting. You guys are on a roll here, sweep up alittle more of the east coast! All things are possible with the Rocket on your side!
    Awesome post and what a champion to have on your team as well!
    Hey Dennis…”what me worry”( from a previous post)…I certainly did for about 2 and a half minutes into OT (Sun. night) … then once again it was pulled outta the hat.
    Keep up the thrashin’ and diggin’ on the east coast, Good Luck..and I mean that sincerely, … But on this coast, it’s Go Canucks Go!

  2. We’re gonna sweep those bums like they’ve never been swept before. And it’s into the playoffs to play first the east guys and then the foreigners in the west – those Limburger Cannots and Detroit Red Octopi and San Jose Shirts etc. Whoever’s left from that mess.

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