If It’s Sunday, I’m In…….

I need to explain and apologize. I can’t reply to your comments right now. I’m in Redding, California, after a 12 hour drive, and after passing through Weed, pop. 3000, just up the the road a ways. I’d prefer Powell River was called Weed instead of Powell River. And imagine if Montreal was called Weed. We’d be cheering for the Weed Canadiens!

But it’s late at night and Bleachers Sports Bar across the street from our hotel was still open and I was hot and the beer………you know.

But I read your comments and thank you very much. Tomorrow I’ll try to answer but I’m not sure if it’s possible.  And San Francisco, three hours down the road, beckons.

It was a long but fine drive, down through Washington and Oregon, over hills and through valleys, with occasional scrap yards littering the sides and Denny’s signs towering over others and all kinds of good shit, with a car full of Russians. It was long but good. A lot of Russian words filled the air. A lot of nyets and da and spaceeba and horosho and malinsky. I just drove and nodded from time to time. They laughed and snapped pictures and said horosho (which means “great” and I checked the fuel gauge, watched for highway patrol, and ate bananas.

Hopefully a visit to Alcatraz tomorrow and a brief check in at Haight-Ashbury and North Beach, with a few beer stops along Fisherman’s Wharf thrown in. I feel like Sal or Dean from “On the Road,” except it’s a Mazda 3 instead of a ’48 Hudson. And Sal and Dean didn’t have a car full of Russians.

And again, I apologize for not answering your comments. I will say this though. I’ve decided who to cheer for in the playoffs. It’s Orillia’s Byers Bulldozers. I think they’ve got the talent. It’s a smallish-yet-speedy team that can do damage. Although I do agree with Hobo – New York is some kind of mad, crazy, lit up kind of town.

Tomorrow, San Francisco. Tomorrow night, if I’m sober, I’ll write about it. And how the Russians felt about things.

And one last thing. I’ve been out of the loop for 20 hours or so. Has Gomez been sent to Siberia yet?

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