If I’m Named Coach Of The Bulldogs, I’ll Still Talk To You

There are apparently four front-runners in line for the Hamilton Bulldogs head-coaching job – three from the Quebec Major Junior League – Guy Boucher, Pascal Vincent, and Andre Tourigny, and a fourth, who seems to be a mystery man.

Apparently, the mystery man is an anglophone, and I’m thinking that with my credentials, the unnamed coaching prospect could be – ME! I’ve shown interest, I’ve been to Hamilton several times, and I met Bob Gainey for two minutes in the late 1970’s, so we’re almost close buddies. Coaching the Bulldogs would be a good fit for me if the stickboy thing with the big club doesn’t work out.

4 thoughts on “If I’m Named Coach Of The Bulldogs, I’ll Still Talk To You”

  1. Don’t go back east–it’s too hot there in the off-season. For the Habs yes….but for bull….dogs????

  2. Coaching the Bulldogs would only be short term until I get the stickboy job with the big club.

  3. Same party, same cheerleaders, same dinner and booze catered by Yvon Cournoyer. The only difference is that it’ll be at an abandoned steel mill in Hamilton instead of a private box at the Bell Centre.

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