If I Knew Carey Price I’d Buy Him A Beer

Carey Price did his best imitation of a brick wall as he notched his second shutout of the year in a fine 2-0 win over the visiting Vancouver Canucks.

The Canuckovovians, try as they may, couldn’t solve Price in what was possibly the young goalie’s most solid display of the year, and it’s a good thing he was hot because the offence remains cold, and the more I see Scott Gomez swipe at pucks like he’s worried something will break, the more angry I get.

Gomez skates and carries the puck similar to the way Henri Richard did, but that’s where the comparison ends. The Pocket Rocket played with burning fire and intensity, and managed to get results while doing so.

Gomez? Nope.

But anger isn’t called for on a night when Montreal beats Vancouver and all is perfect in Habs universe except for the part about scorers not scoring. And some Canucks fans and Vancouver media will tell anyone who listens that their team simply ran into a hot goalie which happens to all great teams from time to time. This will be their best excuse for the next day or so.

Whatever the Canucks are, they got blanked tonight. And imagine if Montreal scorers were actually scoring?  

There was a power play goal to speak of though, but it was a defenceman, not Gionta or Cammalleri or Plekanec or Kostitsyn or Gomez who got it. It was Roman Hamrlik who was smart enough to take a one-timer and blast away instead of trying to get fancy.

And another defenceman, Andrei Markov, opened the scoring by stuffing it in from the crease. Garbage goals are beautiful things too in case the offence hasn’t noticed.

So on this night, a couple of rearguards and Carey Price combined to win the game for the Habs. Most of the other guys were there because of the great seats they got for free – on the players bench.

Random Notes:

Montreal’s one power play goal means they stand at 4 for 51 with the man advantage. I have no comment about this.

Next game – Thursday in Boston

Shots on goal 34 – 29 Canucks.

15 thoughts on “If I Knew Carey Price I’d Buy Him A Beer”

  1. Price won the game, the Habs showed up and the Canucks beat themselves. How many times did the Habs fail to score with over 2 minutes left in the game into an empty net? But as you say “A win is a win” and that’s 2 points. Congratulations on the victory.

  2. if i was canuck sandy i would say “very mature dennis” but instead i will simply say good piece dennis.

  3. Beatnik, at some point, I’m sure Montreal’s offence will get going. I think they lost the key under the couch.

  4. God, they can’t even score on an empty net! The drought will end. I liked the effort tonight. And this was a game we had to win for bragging rights, and we did. Canuck-ites will have to wait until Feb. 2011. Price played amazing and glad he got the shutout.

    How many of you follow Scott Cullen’s Power Rankings on TSN. I don’t like his formulas as he rarely has any Hab players in the top 50. I’ve sent the idiot e-mails but he’s too arrogant to see his deficiencies. Amazing how I could incorporate a rant after a win.

    My Canuck friends are pretty quiet tonight (no harassing e-mails at all!). LOL

  5. Dennis, Carey Price gave it a good try and almost scored on that empty net at the end of the game. Wouldn’t that have been the icing on the cake?

    Plus, it would have placed him only one point behind Scott Gomez in the standings.

    (Note – Price currently has one point, Gomez three)

    All hail the Great Wall of Price!

  6. Dennis,

    I was thinking about you last night. Giant sigh of relief, eh? I usually get tormented by colleagues that are leaf/sens fans. There’s nothing better than getting into work with no taunting emails/voicemails after a Habs win.
    Enjoy basking in the glow of last night’s game!

  7. Dennis, if you buy him a beer make sure it’s not a DKRSFB.

    That stuff is way too strong and we still need him for the rest of the season 🙂

  8. It makes life a little easier, Moey, when the Canucks either lose to the Habs or aren’t doing well in general. Thanks for thinking of me. And there’s no need to ask you if your trip went well, I’m sure it did. Nothing like palm trees and water tp stir the soul.

  9. Geez Danno, you’re right. It better not be DKRSFB, he’s not ready for that yet. Thanks for the advice. I’d hate to be responsible for our goalie’s two week hangover.

  10. “Imagine if Montreal scorers were actually scoring” – Dennis that’s all I do – imagine – cause I never get to actually see it.

    MAB teaches Josh Gorges to shoot hard from the point, but apparently he taught Gomez how to blindly drop pucks in the neutral zone as well. Surely at 7 or 8 million a year, Gomez is screwing the Habs to the wall to perform this same service that MAB did at a fraction of the cost.

    “Montreal’s one power play goal means they stand at 4 for 51 with the man advantage. I have no comment about this.” I do. It still sucks. Clearly the coaches aren’t doing their jobs if they haven’t gotten it fixed 15 games in. Too much cycling, too much fancy play, not enough charging the net and blocking the netminder. It’s a power play, not astrophysics.

  11. I’m so happy they won, especially for you Dennis.

    Still loads to work on despite the win. Get in shape guys. Boston’s ready to kick your butt, even if they fly in for that.

    May you have a peaceful evening free of Habs haters.

  12. It was a great win, Habby. And thanks. But there is much to improve on yet before we become Cup contenders. Little by little.

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