If I Can Find The Recipe, Markov’s Gonna Be OK.

The theme for today is – You can’t win every game. The greatest of the great lost from time to time. Often, sometimes. And tonight, Montreal continued the tradition of losing from time to time. By losing to the Ottawa Senators.

Grrr. Shitfuck.

You could just feel something was missing tonight, and it was obvious what it was. Andrei Markov. Never has he looked larger, better, so important, as now, when he’s not there. With him gone, along with Mathieu Schneider and Francis Bouillon, the team is relegated to playing Mike Komisarek and Josh Gorges almost 30 minutes a game, with guys like Patrice Brisebois and Ryan O’Byrne there to pick up the blueline slack. That’s scarier than when I saw the original ‘House On Haunted Hill’ at the Opera House theatre in Orillia when I was a kid.

Right now I’m tearing the house apart, looking for the Russian remedy that’ll have all three of these defencemen up and at ’em sooner than thought. It involves vodka and garlic and moving the concoction around ten days here and ten days there and then a few drops with milk and all that. It not only cures injuries but also takes care of hangovers and is a fountain of youth to boot. It hasn’t worked for me but I’m blaming that on the sixties.

Random Notes:

Such a huge game coming up in New York against the Rangers. Then it’s Thursday in Boston. I gotta find this recipe quick and get it to these injured guys.

2 thoughts on “If I Can Find The Recipe, Markov’s Gonna Be OK.”

  1. Forget the recipe we just need to find a hypnotist who can turn O’Byrne into Robinson, Georges into Lapointe, and Brisboise into Savard. You know it might really work especially if after you hypnotize them you show them the ’76 playoffs!

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