If A Bribe Is Necessary……….

Recently I entered a contest to say why I’m a Habs fan in 250 words or less, and myself and five others have been chosen as finalists, with the winner taking part in a radio broadcast at The Team 990 Sunday Shinny in Montreal.

Readers are invited to vote for their favourite at The Franchise.ca, and if you liked my little story, I just ask if you wouldn’t mind voting for me over on the left side of their site. If a bribe is necessary, all I can say is when I own the team, you could be part of the entry-level junior management team! (Or in charge of the wives’ parties, whichever you prefer).


14 thoughts on “If A Bribe Is Necessary……….”

  1. Hey Dennis. The vote is in,when do you find out if you have won?A free trip to Montreal is always a good thing eh,good luck.

  2. Dennis – anything you can do, I can do as well! I can bribe y’all too people!

    In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: “Of course you realize, this means war.”

    But good luck just the same! Just not too much good luck, y’know…

  3. Thanks, Derry. It’s not a free trip to Montreal though. But I’m going to be in that area at the end of March and early April so however things work out. And whether or not I win this it doesn’t matter.

  4. Dennis, just to clarify – I was just teasing. I mean a Bugs Bunny quote can hardly be taken seriously… at least in my world. Apologies if that came across wrong.

    So what are you offering me to vote for you anyway? Yes, I can be bought! 😉

  5. Dennis,

    I’ve cast my vote, now it’s your part of the deal.

    Take a look at this.


    It left Panama a few days ago and is due into Vancouver on the 6th Feb.

    Take a good look as you will need to be in the port that day with a case of DKRFSB.

    As you wander the quayside an old sea dog will put his hand upon your shoulder, the fingers may look like bits of fish with breadcrumbs on them, for it will be my old friend Captain Birdseye. He is due to take passage aboard the vessel.

    I will be pacing the foreshore at Tilbury on 13th March when it’s due to arrive.

    Don’t let me down.

  6. Blue Bayou, they arrive. They do the other things too, but they arrive. Now, about the photo of the ship. Maybe I could get hired on. Me and Birdseed, with DKRFSB, making big money. Where’s Tilbury? If I’m going to work on the vessel, I need to know where I’m getting off and if there’s a good pub nearby.

  7. Hi Dennis, I’m vote #17 for you.

    Sorry Tyg, too bad I couldn’t vote twice. But you’re in the lead with 25 votes. Your paragraph about Robinson and Lafleur was my favourite as it best reflected my memories.

    I’m guessing they remember where votes are coming from, so it might not let you vote twice from the same house or office.

  8. Tilbury is downriver from London just before it really opens into the Estuary. The Port of London and the old docks were too small and shallow for the modern container freight and so Tilbury was developed.

    I have never spent time in Tilbury, so I don’t know about pubs there. It has a fort. At the risk of upsetting a lot of people I have to say the Thames Estuary is a peculiar place.

    Mind you if you ever heard Dr Feelgood in their prime then Oil City Confidential is a documentary on the band and Canvey Island (even further downriver) where they came from that is well worth watching. In the strangeness of the Thames Estuary, it is the strangest place.


    Mind you, some years ago I was down in Louisianna around Morgan City (for the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, which given recent events now sounds ironic) and Houma and I have to agree with the thrust of the film, which is that these swampy river places share something “other”.

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