I’d Like The Habs To Play Boston Just To Muzzle Their Bloggers

Who would you rather see the Canadiens play in the opening round – Boston or Washington? If Montreal beats Pittsburgh on Saturday and the Rangers lose to the Flyers on Sunday, the Habs grab seventh spot and would take on Washington. This is the only scenario possible for Montreal to obtain seventh. Anything else and they stay where they are – in eighth, and will play Boston.

I’d like to see them play Boston. They can take them down. And you can bet the farm that George Laraque would see action if these two meet. It could be the best series in all of the playoffs. Maybe someone will make a plane runway out of Milan Lucic’s ski hill.

Washington, with Ovechkin, is a different team than Boston. Somehow get him off his game and the Caps can be taken. Mike Green on defence is another problem. But hey, two guys don’t make a team. Okay, they’re solid with Backstrom, Fedorov, Semin and Kozlov too. But the Habs have more than enough to quiet down these dudes.

Bring on either team. Soon Markov will be back, and Price will be in the zone. Personally, I’d like to see Montreal take on Boston. If just to make Bruin’s bloggers eat cake. They’re a cocky bunch down there. Have a look: Are The Habs Starting to Crack And don’t forget to read a little further down about how the Bruins should tank the game last night and give Thomas a rest etc. because the Habs aren’t even in the same league as the Bruins.

Funny, funny stuff. Keep it up. You might end up on Leno.

15 thoughts on “I’d Like The Habs To Play Boston Just To Muzzle Their Bloggers”

  1. Didn’t you earlier this week post FIVE consecutive unprovoked attacks on the Bruins? And WE’RE the cocky ones?

    Better question: By “see action”, do you mean Laraque will actually play in the game or will he just skate around yapping at Lucic and doing nothing productive?

    I guess we’ll see in a week. I’m hoping for 4 games just like last night’s… minus the Habs cheapshotting of course.

    By the way, you’re welcome for the charity point.

  2. DK,like you & all Hab fans I’m glad we are in,but lets not get too overly excited . Last year we slammed the front door shut,but this years team just managed to slip in the back door !
    It will be interesting to see which team shows up, will it be hey don’t pass the puck to me or the team that wants the puck and goes after it with a vengance I’m hopeing for the latter !!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!

  3. I know I’m being picky, but I would say there are 2 or 3 possible scenarios for Montreal finishing ahead of the Rangers.
    1a Montreal wins (regulation, OT or SO), Rangers lose in regulation.
    1b Montreal wins (regulation, OT or SO), Rangers lose in OT or SO.
    2 Montreal loses in OT or SO, Rangers lose in regulation.

  4. Okay, that’s good. I’m no mathemetician so I’m going by what you say. Definitely, three ways are better than just one. Thanks!

  5. How much must it suck to be a Bruins fan? I only know 2. One was my nephew who was too young to know better and when he got older quickly switched his allegiance to another team. The other guy was a self obsessed twit and was only happy if Boston beat Mtl.
    I accept that some home bias will always be present but the Boston blogger is delusional! For example he criticizes Komo for not dropping the gloves with Thornton, now there’s a guy with a hockey pedigree, but he ignores Lucic jumping Komo from behind, grabbing him by the head in the process and pulling him down to the ice. Kind of Bertuzzi like. Or how about during one scrum where Komo is being held by a linesman and Chara is throwing punches at him? Classy very classy. Too often fans of a team end up wearing blinders and lose any sense of objectivity. When that happens then everything that happens in a game is the other team’s fault and a description of the game will sound just like the game this guy described. There was not one criticism directed towards his own team. Reading his blog was actually funny and it reminded me of all the leaf games called by Bowen and Millen. I had to stop when the next blog was about the Bruins throwing a game to better their playoff position. I’m sure he can rationalize that too.

  6. sorry guys but Montreal doesnt stand a chance of beating either boston or washington in the playoffs, at best they would be lucky to win one game in each series.

  7. Dishonest John. We’re definitely on the same page. And Jordy, this is why I hope the Canucks fall flat on their faces and bow out four straight.

  8. Sandy, I’m disliking the Canucks almost as much as the Bruins now. And it’s your’s and Jordy’s fault.

  9. By no means was I saying that to stir the pot Dennis but I just dont think the Canadians are on the same level as the Caps or Bruins, they dont match up well with them in any way shape or form.

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