I’d Give My Right Arm……….

On second thought, I’d give Gaston’s right arm…..

……..to see the Habs win it all because we’re tired of waiting and it’s just not right to see other people happy and not us. 

I’d also give Gaston’s right arm to watch Carey Price win the Conn Smythe and Vezina trophies, and get a lake named after him; and if Canada doesn’t get at least one more NHL team soon – to hear that a small part of the crocodile-infested Florida Everglades was named after Gary Bettman.

13 thoughts on “I’d Give My Right Arm……….”

  1. I agree with the family who lost a loved one overseas. Toews isn’t a hero and it is shameful to do what was done. Bloody politicians brown-nosing. And he is in his second year? I would agree if he demonstrated himself through significant volunteer work, gone over and above the call of duty. Not just a few hours of volunteer work. The work should be legacy work to be considered hero-status. What a joke in Manitoba.

  2. great post danno

    i think price will be fine, certainly better than a lot of other guys on this team who don’t show up when the going gets a little tough. it’s not the goalies job to single handedly win a series like halak did in the 2 series this year until he met a team whose style he could not play effectively against. of course a goalie needs to come up big but if halak ever pulls of a performence like he did against pitts. and the caps again i’ll eat my habs slippers, if i don’t burn them first………… besides as someone posted earlier, price got all the tough teams this year and lets face it his team sucked for the most part. goalies mature differently and at different times. like i said before, stick with price thru thick and thin and let him work it out.

  3. Thanks Hobo.
    I think Halak was spectacular against the Caps and Pens and the jury is still out as to if he can be consistantly spectacular.
    We know he had some iffy stretches during the regular season and you are absolutely right to point out that Price was used against the tougher teams and it sure looked like he was hung out to dry at times and got blamed for the loss when only a couple of goals got by him.
    I do believe though that it was a team effort that resulted in us going deep in the playoffs. Not to diminish Halak’s role, but there was an all-out effort by the entire team that made it possible.
    If anyone thinks it was only due to Halak’s heroics, then it would be logical to assume that St. Louis will make it to the conference finals now with Halak in their nets.
    With Price, will have to cross our fingers and hope this will be his year. It may not be. It may take two or three more seasons. I hope not. Time will tell.
    I would give my left — to see him take our team deep and win it all. Well, maybe not my left — but my little toe, if that’s what it takes to please the hockey gods it would be worth it.

    Stay tuned…

  4. Mayo, you’re so right. A guy in his second year doesn’t get a lake. What’s with that? And war heroes must wait at least 3 years afterwards to even be considered. It is really silly.

  5. Danno and Hobo. I’ve never been able to get out of my mind that horrendous game last October in Vancouver when Price was amazinly horrible with his parents and frineds in the stands and he couldn’t stop a beach ball. What was that all about? I was nervous every single time he played after that. He looked like he didn’t belong.

  6. I remember that one Dennis. That one was a stinker for sure. The team got into Vancouver late and it was the second of a back-to-back game after playing Calgary. Fatigue may have been a factor.

    We lost 7-1 and as I recall Vancouver was hungry and due for win. And they got it at our expense.

    Why Martin let Price remain in nets until the dying minutes of the third period was the real question I had. What point was he trying to make? I think he should have put Halak in way before it reached that point.
    This was also the game that Price punched a hole into the dressing room wall.

    Afterwards, Mike Camallerri put things into perspective saying the loss was tough but he added that the team should have won other games when Price had “stood on his head and played like Superman.”
    These are the type of nightmare games that all goaltenders must go through.
    It’s part of the character-building process.

    I can’t remember who said it first but it’s true:
    “Goalies in Montreal have two roles. Netminder and scapegoat…”

  7. Dennis, tell me Gaston just had surgery on his rotator cup and you aren’t chopping him up bit by bit. It’s bad enough my rascal was in prison.

  8. Diane, I’m sorry to say he’s just fine. But your quote made quote of the day! And don’t feel bad that he was in prison. Feel bad for the other prisoners.

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