I’d Forgotten What The Habs Can Be

It was payback time for the Montreal Canadiens. And in the process a statement was made by all concerned that the Habs are indeed a good team, a team that has every intention of moving up the standings, and a team that isn’t nearly as bad as they’ve looked recently.

It was only last Sunday when the Canadiens went into New York after losing badly in Ottawa, and the Rangers were not gracious hosts. Montreal grabbed a two-goal lead and promptly proceeded to fall apart in an embarrassing and rock-bottom 6-2 whipping.

But how things can change. First it’s a solid 3-1 win in Newark, New Jersey against the tough Devils, and tonight, back home where the crowd loves you, win or tie, the Canadiens blasted Henrik Lundqvist and his New York Rangers 6-0, with Jaroslav Halak playing like a, well, number one goalie in a well-earned, solid 32 shot shutout.

I hate to repeat myself, but I feel the release of Georges Laraque has re-born the club. There’s less talk about not eating meat and loving your brother and more talk about ramming the enemy through the boards and spitting out some chicklets. Just business at hand. Everyone showed up for work, yesterday and today. Mike Cammalleri scored two and added two assists in this lop-sided win that makes Habs fans smile for a change. Benoit Pouliot banged home his 12th and continues to remind us of just what we had needed all along – a big, French-Canadian scoring sensation wearing the Montreal Canadien colours. If he can keep it up and be the special player we’ve craved for through these dark days, Pouliot will go from being half-buried in the frozen tundra of Minnesota to hero of a province and Habs fans everywhere. It’s what Daniel Briere had a chance to become but declined.

Pouliot can be all this and more.

Random Notes:

Scott Gomez and Tomas Plekanec also scored along with Pouliot’s one and Cammalleri’s two. Seeing Gomez and Plekanec getting it done makes me want to twist and shout.

Habs head to Florida for a Tuesday tilt with the Panthers and then a Wednesday visit to Tampa Bay. After that, it’s payback time again when they go to Ottawa to take on the Sens and club some Capital keester.

Canadiens put themselves back in a playoff spot, holding down 8th in the east. It’s now the Boston Bruins sitting in 9th and on the bubble.

18 thoughts on “I’d Forgotten What The Habs Can Be”

  1. It was a great team effort. I was most impressed with Lapierre showing a lot of hustle and hard work to get his goal. I expect no change in the line-up on Tuesday, can’t wait.

  2. Words can’t express how excited I am about today’s win.
    Everything just went according to plan.

    I’m guessing Cammalleri read my post from before, on how he could score more than he has recently.

    Halak with another shutout, I think it’s about time Carey stepped down as #1. It does bother me a little to say it, but Halak has proven himself that he’s played better than him, bar-none.

    Lapierre finally woke up from his hibernation sleep.

    Pouliot is continuously scoring and impressing. A big power forward like him should be racking points like this. I’m glad he’s doing terrific here.

    Pleks and Gomez found their scoring touch, finally.

    I would like to say more, but there’s just too much to say for now.


  3. Dennis, I’m a bit confused. Before the game Elliotte Friedman spoke with Geoff Molson as if Geoff was the owner of the Canadiens. What’s he got? Millions of dollars? A brewery? A history with the team? Ownership should be based on team devotion and blog quality.

  4. Wonderful game, Cammy scores 2, what is that now, 6 goals in his last 6 games, love it. I don`t know what Cammy was telling Lappy at practice but it must have worked. That was the best game Lappy has played all year.
    Next two games should be give mes but who knows. If the Habs can continue to play with the determination they`ve shown over the last two games we should walk away with another 4 points.
    Oh, one more thing. Cammy for Captain, he really does look to me like the best choice and I think the team needs a Captain soon. Definitely before the playoffs start.

  5. Hey Dennis;That was a great game to watch,exciting plays at either end and not alot of cheap calls by the officials.I too was impressed with Lapierres effort on the skate for the puck to delete the icing,sorry Don but there is a reason not to have touch icing.That was Lapierre of old,good to see him skate like that,energy plus.Why isnt this guy doing commercials for Gatorade.

  6. Derry, when Lapierre plays like that he’s so important. We need that every night. Maybe he just clued in.

  7. Puckgone, Cammy for captain. Maybe it was very important what he did in practice with Lapierre. Maybe he’s a take-charge guy and if he is, this is a captain material. And a couple of wins in Florida would be so sweet.

  8. Chris, Geoff Molson is only doing it until I’m ready, which means 400 people need to send me a million each relatively quick. And to everyone out there wondering what you get for your million, you get seats in a private box, free beer, and a tour of Powell River when you go there. You also get to look over at another private box nearby where me and the players’ wives are enjoying the game.

  9. Phil, of course Cammy reads your comments. How else do you think he’s going to get better? And not only that, probably all the players read your stuff. So keep coming up with great solutions for on-ice problems. This will be part of your job anyways when I’m owner so you might as well get used to it.

  10. Marc, I also think it’s time we had a captain. Markov doesn’t seem to have that kind of personality and Cammy does. I suppose Gionta and Gomez do too, but if Cammy is willing to yell and shout at practices, then maybe he has the right stuff. I hope they name one soon. It’s something that’s missing on this team.

  11. Dennis, that’s great. I’ll even have the special position of “Calling-Players-Out Guy”
    They’ll hate me at first, but they’ll be crawling back to thank me.

  12. excellent game, great cmments. enjoy this for now. we made it to 8th spot and ahead of the bruins?? We have to get rid of those games in hand. These were two quality opponents and they weren’t ucky bounce wins, they were energized and positivve. It is becoming obvous Halak is becoming the #1. I think Martin is finally convinced. I hope this doesn’t hurt carey psyche because he is young and has been held as a god since day 1. He can learn something really valuable here from this experience. Pouliot is wesome. Muh better than Latendresse who was one dimensional. on top of scoring, he can actually keep up with people and hit and fight, 2 things latendresse couldn’t do. Imagine when he gets PP time.

    Cammy for capatain? Why not? A little small. If he can get Lapierre to explode then this is one sure sign that he knows where the problems are and has the ability to fix them. plus he’s proven and young guys know how to get under skin. 26 goals can’t be ignored either.

  13. Moeman, I’d almost forgotten that warm and fuzzy feeling that goes with the team doing well. Now they have to kick ass in Florida.

  14. What a great game, Mayo. And I believe it’s time to give the number one goalie spot to Halak. Price will have it for years to come. He just hasn’t developed as quickly as everyone thought. But that’s okay. Play Halak often.

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