Iced Lightning – The Good Old Hockey Game

I first saw this a couple of years at Habs Eyes On The Prize and loved it very much. It reminds me so much of when I was a kid.

The other day my old friend Ron Clarke sent it to me, I watched it again, and it brought me back once again to those days when Ron and I would put on our wooly and itchy Habs sweaters, play road hockey until the evening got dark and we couldn’t see the ball, and our moms would call us in for supper. It reminded me of Ron and I trudging up to the arena, duffel bags over our shoulders, ready to be the Rocket and Jean Beliveau and Ralph Backstrom once again.

I hope Eyes On The Prize doesn’t mind me posting this. It’s just too great.

2 thoughts on “Iced Lightning – The Good Old Hockey Game”

  1. great video…………………………. it looked to me like dick irvin was speaking french to toe blake.

  2. What an amazing video. Thanks for posting it Dennis.

    Just seeing the Rocket play was a thrill. If only we had someone like him today. Cole is good, so is Pacioretty, but they’re not the Rocket.

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