Ian’s Weekly Stats

My friend Ian Cobb started sending these stats along last year, and they’re interesting because they give a nice overview of how we’re doing in general. As you can see, our goals against is what we’ve got going for us.


This is where we place in a 30 team league after 14 games played.
Total points-16. We are in 16th place. Last week 16 for 11th place.
Goals For—41. We are in 14th place. Last week 37 for 11th place.
Goals A—–31. We are in 3rd place. Last week 23 for 4th place.
Goals Diff +10. We are in 10th place. Last week +14 for 3rd place.
We are right in the middle of the pack. But our goals against is still amazing! Compared to the other 29 teams. And we can only get better as we get healthier!

3 thoughts on “Ian’s Weekly Stats”

  1. Marjo, I don’t know if it’s more, but it sure seems like it. A few games back they gave the total blocked shots and it was amazing. That kind of stuff will win a lot of games.

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