Ian’s Weekly Report

Boys and Girls! Is this team for real this year? Or will they fall off the rails.? What ever is going on in Mtl. these days, is for certain a lot of fun to watch.! But now we are on the road for 7 games out of the next 8.
Below is how much we have improved in all 3 categories over last week, in the 30 team league!
Total points—-26, for 2nd place. Last week 19, for 5th place.
Goals for——-52, for 8th place. Last week 40, for 10th place.
Goals against-39, for 3rd place. Last week 34, for 8th place.
I have been a little critical of some of Therrien’s moves, but I can no longer argue with his great results. Except to say that I think he is going to burn out Markov, or get him hurt, if he does not cut his time.

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