Ian’s Weekly Report

Once again, Ian in Belleville sends his weekly report. It’s been nothing but good news lately.

Here’s Ian:

“We are only 3 points behind Pittsburgh, we have a game in hand on them, and we play them on the 17th for top spot in the conference! Whood a thunk it?

Here is where we place in stats throughout the 30 team league.

Points………55, In 3rd place. Last week 49 points for 4th.
Goals For..120, In 3rd place. Last week 107 goals for 4th.
Goals A…….91, In 4th place. Last week 83 against for 4th.
Goals Diff..+29, In 3rd place. Last week +24 for 4th.

We have come a very long way back this year boys and girls.
We are watching the most riveting hockey played in Montreal in many years.”

2 thoughts on “Ian’s Weekly Report”

  1. Hey Dennis, I like to read Ian’s report,it shows that we have improved over the week and that the Hbs can get better yet,keep up the reporting Ian.

  2. One statistic that completely blows me away is how PK Subban, with only ten games left in the season, remains the top defenseman in the NHL points race – and he also leads his own team in points as well.



    As I mentioned before, the last time a Habs defenseman led the team in points was Sprague Cleghorn way back in the 1921-22 season.

    This kid is spectacular and definitely Norris worthy.

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