Ian’s Weekly Report

As is the case every week, Ian in Belleville checks in:

We are still hanging around on top, but Boston has games in hand and Pittsburgh is on fire, led by the Crosby Kid.
Here are the weekly stats where we sit in this 30 team league.
Points——42. We are in 3rd place. Last week 38 for 3rd place.
Goals F—-90. We are in 2nd place. Last week 84 for 5th place.
Goals A—-70. We are in 8th place. Last week 66 for 11th place.
Goals Diff+20. We are in 5th place. Last week +18 for 5th place.
We play both the Bruins and the Pens twice more this season. Sure hope when they play each other, it is not 3 point games. But it will surely go down to the wire for top seed.
Hope Prust and Bourque are back for the showdown against both Boston and the Pens. We are going to need all hands on deck.

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