Ian Speaks Up

Received a tremendous letter from Ian Cobb today. Ian lives in Belleville, where P.K. Subban patrolled the blueline for the Belleville Bulls.

Here’s what this long-time Habs fan has to say:

I am thoroughly ashamed for the way some players, media and others are treating PK .
He is an honest 23 yr old quality kid that comes to entertain with exuberance, passion, skill and love for this game.
He was into his first ever contract negotiations for his future, and it happened to take some time, for what ever reason. It was his business alone and not anyone else.
To try to make this young man grovel and to take away his special God given expression, quality, dignity and exuberance is criminal and is just plain jealousy on the part of his critics.
He is exactly what this game needs, that has been missing here for years.
If I see him with his head down today and feeling totally uncomfortable on the bench, on the ice or in an interview like he was yesterday, I will be thoroughly disgusted, and do all that I can to influence others to condemn this type of behavior.
I personally know this young man, and he will rise above this crap and not give up his sincere and just personality. Knowing all along the bigots and the egotistical people will always look for a way to bring him down.!
Go get um PK.

3 thoughts on “Ian Speaks Up”

  1. I agree with Ian.

    Therien created a distraction by having this issue aired out in public.

    But it isn’t the end of the world. PK looked good on his first game back. He has weathered bigger storms than this one and will come out of it smelling like a rose. He’s much bigger than the nitwits who are trying to drag him down.

    One other thing. I’m not too crazy about the raised stick circle-salute at the end of the game. And it doesn’t look like the players are really into it either.

  2. Can’t type as fast as my mind thinks so I’ll just have to say to Ian—-AMEN!!!!!!!!! Go Habs WITH ALL THE LIFE AND SKILL P.K. BRINS TO THE ICE !!!

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