I Won’t Be Eating My Cornflakes With This Spoon


Because this spoon (and I have another) is from the very early years of the Montreal Canadiens, probably within their first ten years or so of existance. You see somewhat similar crests on Habs sweaters from 1910-11 with the old English script, but this has a very slight variation to it.

Maybe Georges Vezina ate his cornflakes with one of these spoons.  But I won’t be. And I won’t be playing the spoons with these either, or heating up some hard-core drug with them. These spoons are living a very boring life.

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7 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Eating My Cornflakes With This Spoon”

  1. I think these spoons deserve an exciting, adventurous life like that experienced by the Stanley Cup.

  2. These spoons will not be drop-kicked into the Rideau Canal, or put in bed with Sidney Crosby. I must insist on that. And by the way, you, Moey and myself got into a Russian blog after my story about Kovalev’s agent taking his time came out. Here’s the link – http://www.inoprosport.ru/hockey/2534.html

  3. That’s amazing being quoted on the other side of the world. I especially like Google’s translation of the Russian for “but Kovalev’s agent took his sweet time responding” to “but the agent pulled Kovalyova bagpipe with an answer”. Kovy should definitely fire his agent for pulling his bagpipe.

  4. Dennis,

    This is not spoon related, but on the topic of Malibu here is a link to a blog that I enjoy looking at.


    The writer’s name is Veronique and she is a journalist and blogger for LA Observed. She lives in Malibu, it’s nice to look at if you are in need of a Malibu fix.

  5. That’s pretty sweet. My grandmother is a huge mini-spoon collector so I try to get as many Habs/Montreal related spoons as possible when I’m up there.

  6. Thanks Moey. I’m going to have aclose look at this site soon. Cheers! And there was one traffic jam in LA I thought I’d never get out of.

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