8 thoughts on “I Want This”

  1. Dennis, that car has to be in the big parade – hopefully next year!

    And of course – you and your beautiful bike leading the way!

  2. Love the car! i pray that we see it in the Stanley Cup parade down St Catherine Street next summer!! Go Habs Go!!!

  3. For me,many times–less is more!! The bike should lead the parade. Remember. it’s not always WHAT is in the parade, but WHO is in the WHAT in the parade. The car wouldn’t let people get a good glimpse of our leader—D.K

  4. Beautiful car, Brent. I’d like to do something like that but unfortunately, my mechanical skills are lacking.The money too.

  5. Thanks Peter. How I would so much like to ride that bike in the parade, waving and grinning and whooping and hollering! Wow!!!

  6. Christopher, I’m sure I can carry two at once, and I’ll just keep coming back for more!

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