I Want A Habs Version Of 24/7

Finally got to see Part One of 24/7, HBO’s fascinating look at the behind the scenes goings-on of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, two teams going in different directions, and one team with a coach who drops a ton of F-bombs as he gives his inspirational speeches in the dressing room and behind the bench.

It’s a lead-up to the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day, and I can’t wait for Part Two next Wednesday.

Glimpses behind the scenes is one of my favourite things, and 24/7 is all about behind the scenes. Hangin’ out, Christmas party, practical jokes like Crosby and the boys taking the furniture out of a rookie’s hotel room and leaving it in the hallway. Team dinners, kids, fans, getting sewn up, and plane trips where we see most of the players playing video games.

I couldn’t be an NHLer. I don’t know how to play video games.

Best of all was Bruce Boudreau blasting his team after another loss. Not surprisingly, he heard it from his mother later on about the couple of hundred F-bombs he let fly in this documentary.

I thought his speeches were great. The hockey version of Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.

Maybe not.

And the Caps continued to lose anyway.

The whole thing was fascinating and I wish someone would do the same thing about the Habs. How great would it be to see the Canadiens off the ice, as Ken Dryden described so wonderfully in “The Game?”

And I wonder if Jacques Martin swears as much as Bruce Boudreau.

10 thoughts on “I Want A Habs Version Of 24/7”

  1. Dennis I also just got around to watching this show, and I was – unbelievably – entertained and impressed. Hard to do considering my usual venom vs. Crosby and Ovechkin. I posted a list of reasons why on my blog.

    Is it just me or does Boudreau in Caps reds look like Santa without the beard? He’s even got the same likable jolly nature, which makes it hard to take all the cussing seriously, unless you’re his mother apparently. I love it that one never gets to old for the sharp edge of a mother’s tongue. Makes the world seem right somehow.

  2. Hi Tyg. It’s funny we post the same subject on the same day. What is also funny is that I pre-recorded it on two different channels and when I went to watch, both showed a western instead. But a show my wife had recorded about the New York garment district showed 24/7 instead. Weird, but at least I saw it. I just love seeing NHLers off the ice. But I’m with you about the Ovechkin thing, they could’ve edited the underwear part.
    (Tyg’s post is at http://tygerbythetail.blogspot.com/)

  3. Dennis,

    Bruce F Boudreau doesn’t need this instructional video.

    Viewer discretion is advised. Coarse language…

  4. Thanks, Danno. Good video. Personally, I’d like to know how far back the word fuck goes. Was it being used 1000 years ago, or just a few hundred? And Boudreau must have seen this video because it tells us to use it loud and clear, which he certainly does. And I know I don’t swear much on my blog but it’s just a choice I made. I swear with the best of them.

  5. Dennis,

    I’ve watched it and enjoyed it. Hopefully they’ll show a little bit more on the tactics and adjustments that coaches and players make both before and during games. They’re whole dialogue doesn’t consist ofl f*****g and fightin’, surely. A bit thinking goes into it all.

    Bylsma’s an interesting character. There’s ice in those veins methinks.

    HBO couldn’t have it set up better. Two teams, one on a run the other going down the tubes. It’s like it’s scripted.

    Highlight so far for me. The moment in the game against the AV’s. when Semin is ejected from the game…

    Ref: Cross checked him right here (points to neck)

    Ovechkin: Yes

    Ref: And it’s cut f***ing wide open

    Ovechkin: Well he probably has sensitive skin no?

    3 thoughts

    1. Was that dubbed on?
    2. Bearing in mind Ovechkin’s tie in with Gillette, shown earlier in the episode and his awareness that he’s miked up, how good is he? Not at hockey but at recognising that any moment can be used to help a sponsor.
    3. Comedy wont die while Ovie’s around.

  6. Aaaaaah maybe I should have read Tyg’s blog first as she refers to exactly the same incident.

    Mind you I’ve always been of the opinion that the wheel can be improved on.

  7. That’a a good point about Ovie and the sensitive skin, Blue Bayou. It wasn’t dubbed I’m sure. But there’s something about him I can’t get a handle on. Is it a lot of acting, or is he a really different type of character? I’d also have Crosby on my team any day than Ovie.

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