I Think It’s A Great Look

Ian Sirota sent me this link from Puck Daddy early today but I was working and could only read it later on. It’s a funny one. Toronto transit workers aren’t crazy about the idea of next year’s company-issue shirts being red with blue stripes and white buttons, which means Habs colours.

Frankly, I don’t blame them. I could probably wear blue and white, but what if my company wanted to make me wear Boston Bruins colours?

The thing is, they’re nice shirts and it’s obvious that red and blue and a touch of white go together really well. Like Pamela Anderson and tank tops. Like smoked meat and potbellies.

It’s a popular colour. The U.S. Flag, Uncle Sam, the Union Jack, New York Rangers, New England Patriots. It’s right up there when it comes to colour schemes.

I think anyone with these colours looks like a million bucks, and I say go ahead, transit workers, wear the things. You’ll look better than the passengers. And you’ll understand why Habs fans have always looked so good.

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