I Think I Like Shootouts Now

Other than the fact the Canadiens won in a shootout over the pesky Carolina Hurricanes, the nicest part about the night was seeing Guillaume Latendresse, Andrei Kostityn and Maxim Lapierre step to the forefront and play the way their coaches and fans need them to play.

It warmed the heart to see these three step it up, sweat and contribute in fine fashion. The puck and cameras followed these guys around more tonight than maybe the entire season combined. And when Andre Kostitsyn tied the game at two late in the third period, it was as if it was written. Like Hollywood had come-a-callin’.

Imagine if he would’ve iced it in the shootout? Or if Latendresse would’ve done the same?

Missing Brian Gionta is most noticeable. He’s such a force, such an offensive threat, and when he’s not there, the absence is glaring. The Habs simply aren’t nearly as dangerous with him out, and if you wonder if Montreal could use another offensive forward, just picture this: Add two Gionta’s instead of one. Now you’ve got a team that could win.

So c’mon, Bob Gainey, get out there and get us another goal scorer.

Carey Price, albeit somewhat hesitant in parts of the game, faced 25 shots in regulation time and was simply tremendous in the overtime and then the shootout. He heard the chants and the cheers, but were those boos echoing throughout the Bell Centre after each of the two goals he allowed?

Carey Price boobirds should be escorted out of the building.

Random Notes:

It’s such a treat to see the underachievers achieve. They help the team so much when they pick it up a notch, and let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kostitsyn, Lapierre and Latendresse, and also Max Pacioretty, who scored Montreal’s first goal, can start doing it for real. We need them and all would be forgiven if they start playing.

I won’t say another bad word if they do their part.

Canadiens travel to Washington Friday to visit Alex Ovechkin and his sidekicks. Ovechkin can be stopped, he’s not God. They then host Detroit back at the Bell Centre on Saturday. But Montreal has to feel good about the Carolina game, and hopefully they’ll carry it in to these two tough games coming up.

12 thoughts on “I Think I Like Shootouts Now”

  1. I was shocked when i heard those boos in the second period. I was yelling at my TV for them to stop, and they didn’t listen. I don’t think that anybody that boos “their” team, should be allowed to cheer for them. If the boys are struggling, and are getting frustrated, shouldn’t you start cheering louder? Well the little pricks sure were at the end of the shootout.

    Latendresse had a below average performance in my opinion. Obviously it was a step up from the nashville game but still. The only play i can remember him playing well was the wrap around, which he couldn’t finish. Overall, i didn’t like his play tonight, but I did like Bob Hartley’s comment in L’Anti-chambre after when he broke all the other guys hearts by saying “We have to stop believing that Gui is a second liner and just accept that he is a third or fourth liner, and stop putting the pressure on him to become a second liner”

  2. Gillis, he just played better than he has, which is a good beginning anyway. A little bit is better than nothing.

  3. Hey Dennis;Well that was a nailbiter,I had to listen to the webcast of the game as Port Alice tv does not include rds or any other channel that shows Habs hockey.Carey Price sounded (ok i could try and imagine the picture)like he played a really good game once more tonite.I remeber the anouncer saying frantically that Price had made the save over and over again.I tend to think that Carey is back,confidence is rising along with his save percentage.On another side ,sorry to hear that Brendan Shannahan called it quits,a big big part of Detroits Stanley Cups,Shanny was what i would class as the ultimate power forward,Cam Neely like,he was what Canadian hockey is or was.I was sorry when he turned down the Habs last year as I think that it would have been great for hin to finish it off as a Montreal Canadien

  4. Hi Derry. Shanahan almost became a Hab and turned them down at the last minute. But he would’ve been good for only one year because he’s older than Santa Claus. He had a great career, will be a Hall of Famer, and he had a great wrist shot. His brother was a big lacrosse player and coach. Price loked a little shaky for a three quarters of the game and then played like Jacques Plante after that. It was a good win, and the plumbers plumbed. (for a change.)

  5. I thought Latendresse played quite well too Dennis. Actually 100% agree with your entire post except on the booing. Habs played pretty terrible stretches of hockey against the “worst” (up in the air at this point) team in the league. Why can’t fans who’ve paid hefty prices for this honor express their displeasure at seeing yet another lacklustre performance against a lacklustre team? You too gillis.

    I’d hardly think they’d be booing Price, Habs fans aren’t idiots. Think 90% of the people at that game didn’t see his marvelous 53 save performance the other night? What boob would turn on him so quickly? Both goals were a result of shabby, shabby defence. Gorges getting caught flat footed on the first one and Jaro 2.0 making an ill advised pass on the second one. With excellent set ups on both goals. I don’t understand why extremely weak D can’t be booed.

    Anyway, first comment but I read your blog pretty often. Keep up the good work!! Definitely one of my more checked out Habs sites.

  6. Dennis, I hear what you say about Carey being shaky for a good part of the game. My take on that and correct me if I am wrong but I believe that he is a better/more confident goalie on the road than he is at home. No doubt in my mind that he is way nervous at home and the booers are not helping. I agree with Gillis that it would be nice if booers could get “gently” escorted out of the builiding or better yet, just grab one of them by the neck, drag him to the dressing room, dress him as a goalie and put him in there for a period. Let’s see how much booing he would be doing after that.

    As I was watching the game, I realized that for the first time this year that I could recall, Lapierre’s line was actually spending their shift in the opponents zone. That’s what I’m talking about. Honestly, Latendresse was the weaker link on that line tonight but I agree that he did somewhat better than what we have been used to see from him for the past 20 games or so. His problem is that he is slow, not just the skating but everything else. Honestly, I am not quite sure people keep saying that he has great hands. His junior stats are above average but nothing spectacular. The only way that Latendresse would reach a 30 to 40 goals season would be if he was on a line with Crosby and Ovechkin. Geez, I think that I could get at least 20 playing with them fellas. Remember Semenko with the Oilers?

    Am I missing something or are White and Pyatt playing like they are worried about their jobs. I was not expecting much offensively from White but Pyatt was somewhat of an offensive force with the baby Habs. He appear to be so concerned about not being on the ice for a goal against. What is it with the Habs that seems to take all offensive talent from their young players? I refuse to think that it is Jacques Martin since that has been a problem for quite a few years now. I hope that Gionta gets back soon because that team is some boring without him. Interestingly, Plekanec has been involved in the Habs last 5 goals. If he gets hurt (God forbid – knock wood etc etc), might as well close the books.

    Oh yeah, just one quick question. Will Gomez score 15 goals this year? And on to Washington we go …

  7. I felt the same way as andre when it comes to white, not as much for pyatt. White was on when carolina scored one of their goals, and I felt bad since, it’s one of his few shifts, he gets cross checke in the back, loses the puck and the canes came right back the other way, not much effart was put into the defence and the canes scored.

  8. Andy, thanks for that. The reason I asked if they were booing Price is because some people who comment here have been a t games at the Bell Centre and have said it to be true. But you’re absolutely right, how could he be booed, especially after the 53 stops in Nashville.

  9. Andre, yeh, Latendresse is slow. And he wasn’t great last night, that’s for sure, but he was better than he has been. Now, in Washington, he has to be just a little bit better again. Baby steps.

  10. Just in time for Xmas. The complete DVD box set of Gui!’s Greatest Wrap-Around Moments.

    “The plot was utterly predictable” – Hockey News
    “Stylish, but with a disappointing finish” – Montreal Gazette
    “This show’s a re-run” – TV Guide

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