I Suppose Perez Hilton Chose A Good Topic


I read today that Hollywood sleaze-gossip-rumour-starter blogger Perez Hilton, pictured here, gets more than 200 million hits a month by digging up dirt and trash about those in the entertainment business.

Too bad hockey players are such nice, polite, clean-living, and mostly unassuming individuals. Because of them I’m never going to get 200 million hits a month.

10 thoughts on “I Suppose Perez Hilton Chose A Good Topic”

  1. I had a co-worker that would go on that site all the time.

    Personally, I don’t see the appeal.

    I’m also anxiously awaiting a Mats Sundin post (three points in 8 games and a -5, plus the team has lost 7 in a row). Glad we didn’t get the bum.

  2. The Sundin thing is ridiculous. He comes in halfway through the season, makes himself many millions, and is expected to be the saviour. Maybe at the start of the year it would’ve been different, I don’t know. But I agree, I’m glad we didn’t get the bum too.
    As for Perez Hilton, I also agree. I don’t see the appeal.

  3. It’s the blue hair. You’re right. I think that’s what I’m gonna do. Maybe polka dot hair.

  4. When are Americans going to wake up and see hockey for what it is? No steroid problems like baseball, no Pacman Jones/Plaxico issues like the NFL, and no Tim Donaghy issues like the NBA. Just the fastest game in the world, with no Terrel Owens or Barry Bonds to take away from the sport itself. There’s been a bit of an awakening in the U.S.A., but there are still way to many sports fans here that won’t watch it because it’s too “boring” for them.

  5. Dave in Jersey – You know, man. You’re one of those Americans who get it. Good Comment. I don’t get it why they don’t get it.

  6. Dennis, dave in jersey is an orthodox Jew from Montreal – he knows his hot dogs and presumably, therefore, his hockey, although the one, i.e. hot dogs, does not necessarily entail the other, i.e. hockey, nevetheless Americans in general would be well advise to pay attention to what he has to say. Hehe, much like canuckleheads should listen to Richard.

  7. Just to make it clear, I am a Canadian through and through who is now in school in the United States and not very happy about the fact that I only get to go to 3 to 4 Canadiens games a year.

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