I Sort Of Won Rookie Of The Year Last Night At The NHL Awards Show

If the NHL Awards show wants to become more of a flashy and polished affair, they might want to think about replacing host Ron McLean. For as much as he’s a quick-witted and able sidekick to Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner, he comes across on these glittering nights as a bit of a hick. Really hokey. With lame jokes like the Brian Burke bobbing head doll and the cell phone thing. He’s not too funny at all. Maybe he’s overrated?
Gary Bettman looked embarrassed and I felt embarrassed.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only one in the world who feels like this.

On the brighter side, there sure were a lot of good looking wives there. It seems that hot women like millionaire athletes! Go figure.

Washington’s Bruce Boudreau beat out Guy Carbonneau and Mike Babcock to win the Adams trophy for coach of the year. For me it could’ve gone either way between him and Carbonneau so this is okay.

Alex Ovechkin won both the Hart for league MVP and the Lester B. Pearson for top player as voted by his peers. This is fine, but my question is, who dresses this guy? He looked so out of sorts with his silly red tie and weird collared shirt that I wondered if he just got off the Red Eye from Moscow.

Niklas Lidstrom took home his sixth Norris for best defenseman. His wife is also right up there for Best Wife.

Gordie Howe was honoured with the very first Lifetime Achievement Award. This is good, but I’m wondering if you have to be alive to win this. Because the Rocket deserves one too. But the Rocket has the Rocket Richard Trophy named for him for most goals in a season, and that’s better than a Lifetime Achievement award in my book.

Last but not least, Patrick Kane beat out Jonathan Toews and Nicklas Backstrom for Rookie of the Year (Calder trophy). I’m happy about this because my name is Dennis Patrick Kane.

2 thoughts on “I Sort Of Won Rookie Of The Year Last Night At The NHL Awards Show”

  1. Well, I would say Ovie dressed himself! He launched his own clothing line…

    You name is Patrick Kane? Go figure. Are you a Buffalo native too? I liked your speech! You should always rep your sister(s) when winning an award. I know someday when my brother wins rookie of the year while playing in the NHL, he will thank me and call me beautiful too. He will also thank me for (A) making me play goalie (B) making me play defense and/or (C) making me play forward while I shoot on him. Lastly, he will NOT keep his teammates away from me.

  2. DK,

    Ron has a schtick just like any other public `personality’ and, yup, at times it can wear pretty thin which propensity is probably most evident with stand-up comics: Don Rickles, enuf already!.. hmmm, is he dead yet?; Robin Williams – puleez, stick to being a psycho or prof, your comedy is for the romper room; ditto Jim Carey who plays the same old headache-inducing doofus ad nauseum; & etc etc. As for Ron, well, he is amongst those who think that the pun is the highest form of humour vs those who don’t or those who, like me,think it is,in effect a form of verbal slapstick and as such an excellent even essential accessory to good humour – Shakespeare uses puns frequently but they are embellishments, throw-ins that fall out naturally from the the action, they enhance the main themes and characters rather than being merely an end in themselves. Alas, for Ron punning is the substance and, just like the antics of the Stooges, it does lose its appeal .. hehehe the pun becomes punpunpunishment.

    The Oven Chicken’s outfits are probably the Russian equivalent of radical gangster chic – heheh, thugs in Russian having the same appeal to bored/thoughtless/popular/wanna-be cool newbies as they did for the same class in America from Prohibition thru to the sixties when their place was usurped by violent self-annointed social activists. He and P. Bure are sorta like Martin and Sinatra in this respect.

    La P, you do in fact throw something onto the ice in Buffalo – the puck, and if you look closely you’ll see that it always sports a pink tutu.

    When I heard the news of Trevor Linden’s retirement three things popped into my mind,in order: one) about time – only in Vancouver would he be revered, 2) Wayne & Shuster – their `good-bye’ song sez it all only they didn’t tack on `And Don’t Come Back!’; three, that Sly & the Family Stone’s tune, Celebration, should now be the Canuck’s theme song – what they should do is suit TL up in Canucks gear,stick him in a dugout canoe with a hole in the bottom then send him paddling off into the sunset. The point at which he sinks (his skates will keep him down) will become a hallowed place of pilgrammage with a certain number of troo believers going down to join him every year on St. Trevor duh Linden Day – a day of celebration and hope, hope that some day, when St. Trev resurfaces(decked out in seaweed and surfing a sea shell a la Aphrodite?), the Canucks will emerge from the depths of NHL futility.

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