I Remember Way Back When The Canadiens Played A Game

The schedule maker sure is a funny guy. Either he’s got the guys travelling all over the place with not a minute’s rest, or he’s got them at home trying to remember what they do for a living. By the time the Canadiens hit the ice;

The icecaps in Antarctica will be gone completely.

I’ll be in a home for senior citizens with dementia.

The Jonas brothers will be collecting old age pension.

Sergei Kostitsyn will be president of Belarus.

Dick Clark will start to look his age.

Scotiabank Place in Ottawa will be in the inner-city.

We’ll all be gearing up for the Habs 200th anniversary.

Carey Price will be appointed to the Senate.

The Canucks will have almost won the Stanley Cup.

Gary Bettman will finally admit that another team in Canada might be a good thing.

Readers of this blog, although much older, will continue to look fantastic.

18 thoughts on “I Remember Way Back When The Canadiens Played A Game”

  1. Hey Dennis;Well you could be right on most of these,I have a problem ith a couple though(1)The Canucks wont come close to winning the cup,this one could be replaced with “Mr.Clean shits himself and has no change of clothing”.(2)Gary bettmann finally admits another team in Canada might be a good thing.gary bettmann doesnt admit to anything he has disagreed on in the past,:the queen gives up her crown to prince Charles”.The other ones are pretty close I would think Dennis,it’s still a hell of a drive to Scotia Bank Place.

  2. Hilarious reading the canuck comments re: Burrows. First their fans use a laser pointer on Kipper and win, then have a call or two against them and Burrows calls out the ref. I hope the ref gets suspended and Burrows gets fined and suspended. They need to join the club instead of whining about the reffing.

  3. “One” of their fans uses as laser (not the first time it’s happened in professional sports) and Calgary wins. And thank goodness I’ve never read any complaint about reffing or the likes in this forum.

  4. I think we all complain about the refs but if you’re a player and you call out the refs thats different. especially a player like Burrows, who is not well liked by other players because of his Avery-style. I’ve posted comments about the refs here but have come to accept their incompetence. I’ve never heard of a laser pointer being used in a game setting.

  5. By the time the Canadiens hit the ice…

    Leaf fans will be going crazy after they finally win the Cup.

    Then they will turn off their Playstation.

  6. Mayo-that laser thing was probably the stupidest thing anybody could do. The TV guys did mention it happening in a baseball and/or also a basketball game in the past. I have ref’d and I know that sometimes you make a bad call (and you replay the whole thing in your mind a million times) but there is no wiggle room as far as I’m concerned for a player to verbally or physically abuse one. If Auger did what is claimed then there is no excuse for that as you have pointed out. The “shot” against the refs was aimed at my good friend Dennis who lives across the street from me.

  7. ah, you’re a Powell River boy too. I live in Sliammon. And I’m so sorry you live near Dennis. You have my condolensces lol. I didn’t watch the canuck-laser game. But it is interesting fans have done this before. Are those things dangerous if it directly hits the cornea. I’ll have to ask Adamack, my optometrist. Auger is pretty dumb to be talking directly to the player and on national tv. A smart ref woulda just made the calls and be done with it. Now he has to deal with a formal investigation. Demonstrates the IQ level of NHL refs I guess.

  8. OK Dennis, I am still reading daily. Apparently you are looking for abit of flack…. come on, some of the whistles and penalties called in last night’s game in Vanc against the Preds were alittle on the edge. The officials were working(?) like they just got outta school! How can you say that Burrows is anything like a “Sean Avery”???…Mayo? They(refs) were very harsh on the entire “current best line” in the NHL, how many times has anyone seen Henrik Sedin in the box 3 times in a game??? It will interesting to see how Auger will be reprimanded for his actions of late, since this definetly is rapidly becoming a fact that this is a”personal issue”. I thought officials were supposed to be impartial, let alone professional……… this crap cannot go on. Go Canucks in Minnesota tomorrow!!!! P.S. There hasn’t ever been 8 Goals in 4 Games and Avery in the same sentence……

  9. Jan, glad you’re still reading and agreeing with everything I say. What I’d like to know is – how ould you feel if Avery was on the Canucks? Then, and maybe then, you could change to the Habs!

  10. Sorry Jan, I’m not a canuck fan. I watch from time to time but never an entire game. I read others peoples comments and a lot say he plays the same type of game Avery plays. Avery is a good player. I wish he played for the habs but not at the money he’s getting. I knew burrows had talent and am not trashing him for a lack of it. I think Avery contributes as much but in different ways. 9 goals in 5 games is impressive. And good on him. 2 hatricks in 3 games is impressive. But I would still compare him and use him and Avery in same sentence. Take it as a compliment as Avery is a proven NHL player.

  11. sorry Dennis, sometimes we play much too soft and I like Avery’s game. Point taken and he is a jerk. But he’d be fun to watch if he played for us. I have a coupla friends like him and they get on my nerves too.

  12. I suppose, Mayo, that if he helped the Habs win, then I like him. I’ve just read too many things about him being the most unpopular player in the league, even among his own teammates. This part I don’t like at all. I know he’s a good player, but it’s all the other stuff.

  13. Jan-Dennis would never say anything nasty about refs but on Dec 10th he wrote:

    Habs dropped a 3-2 game to Pittsburgh tonight. The referee made sure of that.

  14. Beatnik, that would be Chris Lee who specializes in late whistles to disallow goals. Lee is incompetent, but untouchable, because of the intent to blow rule.

  15. actually maybe I was a bit hard on burrows earlier in the day. Just seen some replays and it does look suspicious the way the ref is talking to him before the game. And I seen the hit from the game where burrows was hit. He may not of been hurt but it looked borderline dangerous. And penalty calls were questionable from last night. However, that being said, Burrows does play in the west which is easier than the east. If Pleky played out west he would easily have 9 goals in 4 games. Anyways burrows is playing well, I guess every dog does have its day?

  16. Dennis I would really have a hard time with Avery in a Canuck uniform, just as I would with Pronger or Phenuef. And I’m cheezed off about Burrows getting this bs fine……. Laser beams are totally a danger to corneas and have no place at a hockey game.

  17. Keep Avery away, I want to cheer for a team I can be proud of. Even if he helps us win, I’ll be too ashamed to watch the games.

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