“I Promised Mess I Wouldn’t Do This…”

With flashbulbs flashing and reporters jostling to get their questions in, a teary-eyed Matt D’Agostini sat wiping his eyes, sometimes glancing at Peter Pocklingpuck as if to ask why, and periodically looking over to new boss Bruce McBain for support.

D’Agostini then made mention of his friend Cyrus Mesopotania. “I promised Mess I wouldn’t do this” he blurted out, and then he stopped and wiped his eyes and looked almost embarrassed and overwhelmed as the flashbulbs continued to light up the room.

Yes folks, the Matt D’Agostini era is over in Montreal. Traded in the prime of his career. They’ll be saying for years to come that if D’Agostini can get traded, than anyone can get traded.

St. Louis sends Aaron Palushaj to Montreal in this blockbuster deal that has sent reporters into a frenzy and fans reeling. Palushaj was burning up the American Hockey League with an incredible 5 goals and 17 assists, which bodes well for the Habs as they continue along the Stanley Cup path.

7 thoughts on ““I Promised Mess I Wouldn’t Do This…””

  1. Hey Dennis, What the hell was that?Does this g.m still work for Ottawa?I can’t believe that this happened to D’Agostini.He was an ok player,didn’t get the ic time that lesser players recieved.I think that if this continues ,the Habs will not be coming around to soon

  2. Derry, I diagree. D’Agostini was the underchiever of all underchievers. Two goals and two assists in 44 games. I could have done that for a lot less money.

  3. I think Palushaj will turn out to be an okay prospect. The Blues farm team is brutal, but if you look at what he’s done before that, he’s been pretty good.

    As for Dags, I think he was a bust with the Habs. I think he’ll be a servicable player, but will never crack 15 goals (the 12 he got last year will probably be his career high). A buddy of mine thinks he’s about three years away from a career in Europe. So in other words, he’s not going to amount to much.

  4. Tom, we can only hope about Palushaj. He doesn’t have big numbers and he’s only about 185lb. And I agree about D’Agostini – he’s about three years from being in Europe. It’s too bad, a good Sault Ste. Marie boy.

  5. Overall I think it’s a good trade. It stirs things up, opens a roster space for someone to produce now and its a 2nd rounder for a 6th rounder.

    I wouldn’t say D’Agostini will never crack 15 goals but I wouldn’t say he’ll definitely do it either. Yes this year has been a bust for him, but things can easily go either way with him, it’s only his second year. Palushaj is even younger and things are even more uncertain. They’re the same height, Palushaj is lighter but he’ll bulk up a bit by the time he hits the NHL.

  6. They traded an underachieving 6th rounder for a still raw rookie 2nd rounder that played with Pacioretty at Michigan and was stuck with the rather crappy Rivermen. Even Statsny’s brother was just traded out of there to the Canucks.

    Guy Boucher will take gooooood care of Pelushaj 😉

  7. Dennis, I feel bad for D’Agostini. Ever since he suffered that concussion he got after being hit by Chicago’s Andrew Ladd, he hasn’t been the same. Hopefully, he’ll bounce back and start to play good hockey again like he used to.

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