I Need To Do More Homework On Restaurant Specials

Comments are nice to get here. Even sometimes from people with attitude. Even sometimes from people who don’t quite get it.


A guy wrote me and said I must be completely out of it for not knowing until recently that Montreal restaurant chain Les Cage aux Sports does a “more than five goal, eight free wings” special.


I suppose he thinks all Habs fans live in Montreal. I live as far away from Montreal as you can get. Where I live, the Pacific Ocean touches the shores, and it takes two different ferries to get here when you head north from Vancouver.


Then he said I must not be a good Habs fan because I’ve only had RDS for a very short time.


This is also connected to where I live. Here, a digital box or satellite is required to get RDS. Regular cable doesn’t include it. Years ago, in Ottawa and Calgary, I got RDS on regular cable, but it’s not like that here.


And until this year, it wasn’t in my budget.


But I can assure this fellow, I knew just as much as him, or more, about what went on in games I didn’t see but he did. 


You know, I shouldn’t bother with stuff like this, and I normally don’t, but I just saw arrogance throughout the comment, and I’m not a fan of arrogance.


And he called me buddy.



9 thoughts on “I Need To Do More Homework On Restaurant Specials”

  1. I dunno, Dennis, your excuses sound lame to me. I bet you didn’t know they serve `hab’ beer at la Cage. Wine, too. They even `hab’ bottles of the stuff. They also `hab’ steaks, chips and burgers … c’mon buddy, either you `hab’ it or you don’t.

  2. Dennis: RDS (or cable tv) wasn’t in my budget last year. On nights of exciting games, I listened to games on internet radio and followed blogs to see what had happenned. And you know, I felt better informed about the team than many of the people who regularly watched the games – maybe I just got lucky but I predicted a lot of season trends pretty early on.

    This year, like you, I have a PVR and it’s wonderful.

    Don’t take the commenter too seriously – he sounds as if he’s 14, has rigid opinions about how the world should be, and in spite of his shock about your not having RDS and how that clearly means you’re not a die-hard fan, he doesn’t seem deliberately mean, just oblivious to the rest of the world out there.

    @jim: brilliant!

  3. To;pho phuk lam
    Try using a Thesuarus to come up with a more acceptable adjective Cretin!
    To question DK as not being a true Hab’s fan for over 50 years because in his neck of the woods digital cable just came to his area last year & he picked it up ASAP tells me you don’t know DK like I have for over 40 years!He bleeds blue,white & red.
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

  4. Pho Phuk Lam,

    You should really think before you speak bud, you clearly dont have any clue who you were talking to. There isnt a guy out there who is more of a habs fan then Dennis. Get your self some class and do some research on this website and you’ll see what a real hockey fan is. He may not have known about a chicken wing deal but i’ll bet he knows a ton more about the team then you’ll ever know.

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