Habs Have More Bugs In Their Game Than I Have In My Motel Room

Have you ever been to one of those low-life motels where you check the sheets for bugs and are afraid to take your clothes off? That’s where I’m at now, in California’s Napa Valley, a few hours north of San Francisco, and where the front desk guy, between spoons of rice, finally got me hooked up with the internet.

So now I know the Habs lost 3-2 in overtime and were outshot 38-26, all to the worst team in the east, the New York Islanders. I also know that it was Carey Price who kept it respectable for the Habs. I also understand that I’m quite pissed at this feeble outcome.

Carey Price is back, that’s understood, I think. But the rest of the team isn’t. They’re still holding on to a playoff spot by the skin of their teeth, all because they got lucky that teams trying to catch them also lost. Such a pathetic turn of events. Imagine if these other teams had won? With us losing to such a lousy team? Is this the Montreal Canadiens I know and love? Not by a country mile. Not by all the lettuce in the Napa Valley.

If there’s bugs in my bed, so what? I’m just leaving my clothes on.

Random Notes:

After meatloaf at Denny’s, I wandered over to the only bar I could find, a dismal, poorly-lit, dirty, stinking, lowdown bar with a bunch of greasers laughing and drinking triple shots of bourbon and wearing cowboy hats as they swore and talked about workin’ and fartin’.  But I enjoyed my $2.75 pints of Bud and now I feel it’s my favourite bar.

6 thoughts on “Habs Have More Bugs In Their Game Than I Have In My Motel Room”

  1. I’m starting to believe wall along that Carbonneau was not the problem with the team but the players as we wind down the season.

    What kind of system were we playing last night?

    We have to shake this team and what better way than to start a hungrier Halak Saturday, perhaps Bobby will realize this as well.

    To not play a full 60 minutes of dominating hockey against the Islanders means we do not deserve to make it in the playoffs.

    I amm starting to realize we are really not a good hockey club compared to other hungrier, competitive teams in the league, we are overrated, we stink!

  2. I think the problem all comes down to accountability. Gainey has to stand up in the locker room and say, “Enough is enough! Until we start practicing to the point that our limbs fall off, until we start playing like our lives (or at least careers) depend on it, we won’t win and don’t deserve to be playing in the NHL. We are professionals, and it’s time to start acting like it.”
    “Any one who isn’t ready to commit themselves to 100% effort, at every game and practice for the rest of the season, should leave now. If you want, you could come back in the summer to discuss your NHL future.”
    “I could guarantee that any one in this room that decides to take a single shift or drill off from now until the end of the season, will not only be off this team, but I will not go out of my way to find you another team for next year.”
    Is there any chance Bob reads this? Let’s hope he realizes that the only way that this team’s work ethic is going to change is through a serious talk with everyone together and constant discipline. No more fuzzy 1 on 1 discussions. At this point all it will do is give a player the impression that the GM has a soft spot for him and he is therefore above the consequences.
    Everyone must be held accountable, as a team, on and off the ice, from Kovalev to Price and from Stewart to Koivu, and everyone in between.
    “We could win as a team or lose as individuals.”
    ” We practice hard, we play hard, we eat hard, and we sleep hard. If we are not struggling to catch our breath, we are not working hard enough.”
    These two phrases should be hanging in the locker room in the Bell Center as well as in the Brossard arena.
    It doesn’t matter who you are. Kick yourself into gear, or we’ll kick you out the door.

  3. Mmm, Napa Valley, I was there a few years ago, ate at the French Laundry. That meal set me back more than $700 Can, but it was worth it. Yes, $700, but in my defense (lacking with the Habs), there were two of us.
    As to the Habs, they’re playing to lose. It wasn’t Carbo, and my guess is he’ll end up coaching the Stars next year.
    The team is full of UFAs who believe they’ll be signed by some other team in the off season for big bucks. With the economy and the way those guys are playing, I think they’ll be in for a rude awakening. Komisarek’s value has already plummeted, and what other team will be willing to fork out millions to small, 13-goal-a-year centres and wingers?
    There’s absolutely no pride left, and I don’t think it has anything to do with being “un québécois de souche” or some European.

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