I Met A Kid Who Told Me A Fib

I met a kid my age who had just moved with his family to Orillia and his last name was Larose. I asked him if he was related to Claude Larose, who was a brand new player with the Canadiens, and the kid of course said yes, they were cousins, which wasn’t true, but I believed him because I was about 11 or 12 and pretty darn gullible. But the kid had a slicked-back greaseball haircut and so did Claude Larose so no wonder I believed him.

Below, Claude Larose, then and now.

Larose_Claude_01 001

6 thoughts on “I Met A Kid Who Told Me A Fib”

  1. I remember that I always liked Larose. I think he played mostly forward but also some defense too. The team has a bit of a legacy of players like that; Streit, Dandenault, and Bergeron ( probably butchered the spellings!). Didn’t Larose play with Jarvis and Gainey as a line?

  2. Larose played way before Jarvis and Gainey. He broke in with the Habs around 1963 and played with Ralph Backstrom quite often. I’m much older than you realize.

  3. No I’m sure he’s the guy I’m thinking of. He wore #6. I just checked hockeydb and you’re right about Jarvis. Larose’s last season was 74-75 while Jarvis’s first season was the next year 75-76. Gainey however had been with the club since 73-74 so I could be right about seeing them on the same line. Gee I hate when you can remember something so clearly only to find out you’re wrong! Now I’m not sure he even wore # 6. Bah humbug!

  4. He never wore number 6. You might be thinking of Jim Roberts who indeed played both forward and defence. Larose wore #15 in the early 70’s and before that wore 11. His first year, in 62-63, he wore #25.

  5. You’re right that is who I was thinking of. Roberts, Larose they sound similar and they look like they could be twins. I have to go now the men in the white coats are here.

  6. John, the men in the white coats have been after me for a long time. I think they’re going to catch me very soon.

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