I Like Andrei Markov Even More

Apparently Andrei Markov will be sworn in as a Canadian citizen next week and this is something I just happen to know a little about.

My wife did the same thing.

It’s really nice. There’s mounties in red, dignitaries speaking about how great Canada is, kids sing, and the one I was at with my wife in Courtenay had about 50 people becoming new Canadians. They all held up their hand and swore before a judge and then everyone clapped, shook hands, hugged, and celebrated with coffee and donuts.

Beforehand, you have to answer test questions about provinces, Prime Ministers, Saskatchewan and such, so Markov’s probably studying now for next week.  

Nice to see Markov doing this. It speaks highly of him, that he has grown to love and appreciate Canada and want to become a Canadian. Usually it’s the other way around. Many Canadian players who have worked and lived in the US for many years have decided to become American citizens. So it’s nice to see a player become Canadian for a change.

He’ll really have an enjoyable day. Personally, I’m very proud of him.

8 thoughts on “I Like Andrei Markov Even More”

  1. the true sign of a canadian is that they cheer for canada at the olympics. when i lived in the u.s. i often thought if i became a u.s. citizen would i be able to cheer against my native country. altho canadians who become americans don’t usually give up their canadian citizenship, as far as canada is concerned…. better to just pull for the habs and be done with it.

  2. Hobo, when Russia and Canada played in the Olympics, my wife started out torn about who to cheer for, and was hoping at least that the Russian boys would look in the eyes of the world. But very quickly she started cheering for Canada and she told me she realized in that game she was truly Canadian.
    I understand it. If you and I were in Russia, no matter for how long, we’d be cheering for Canada. I think it was a very emotional thing she went through.

  3. A perfect example of “action speaks louder than words”
    He was never the talkative type but he was still considered a class act, because of things like this.

  4. Thanks, Diane. Just wanted you to see what it’s going to be like for you when you become Canadian.

  5. Well, Dennis, I must really be a Canadian, cheering for them during the Olympics and not the U.S. Somehow, I was misplaced and ended up in Boston. Not to fear, like the salmon, I shall return home!

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