I Know Boston’s Not Crazy About Meeting The Habs, But…..

When I first saw that the Rangers had scored three late goals to beat Boston Monday night, it quickly occurred to me that maybe the Bruins has relaxed slightly, knowing full well that that an improvement in New York’s standings in the east could mean Boston would avoid encountering their nemesis Montreal in the first round.

Would a team do that?

I doubt it. The Rangers are still battling for a post-season spot, must play desperate hockey each and every night, and on this night just it was simply a case of putting the petal to the metal to win against the Bruins.

To me, that’s all it was. Boston didn’t tank. I like to think teams have integrity.

9 thoughts on “I Know Boston’s Not Crazy About Meeting The Habs, But…..”

  1. and don’t forget, rangers and bruins have always had a rivalry like leafs and habs………….. legend has it when cherry and and orr told esposito he was being traded espo said ” all righ,t but if you tell me i’m going to the rangers i’ll jump out that window”…………… cherry said, move away from the window bobby.

  2. That’s a good one, Hobo. And yes, you’re right, the Rangers and Bruins have a history. I can remember growing up when both were basement-dwellars, and it was a race for each to see who could climb out of the pits. Also, as much as many might disagree, I believe there’s no hanky panky going on in the league. At least not much. Maybe the 1969-70 ending of the season was questionable when Detroit pulled some weird stuff, but otherwise, I like to think it’s an honest league. So the Bruins blowing a big lead last night was just the Rangers pulling out the stops.

  3. I assumed the Bruins tanked to ensure the Laffs couldn’t pass the Rangers so their draft pick was as early as possible.

  4. Dennis, that’s the difference between the Bruins and the Habs.

    Boston loses on purpose, while the Habs win on purpose!

    PK Subban is the man!

    Playoffs baby!

  5. I would prefer the habs play Washington the first round and meet Boston later when we’re healthier and get a body or two back. And hoping Boston loses a few regulars. We need Halpern back cause our centremen can’t win faceoffs. Subban is a beauty and will vie for RotY. Price is Priceless. Would be nice to see Eller, Pouliot and a few other depth payers pick it up. Who will JM sit with Spacek coming back. I think Mara will be the odd man out come Ottawa.

  6. Mayo, the thing about Mara is that he’s a physical presence on the ice which we need. He’s surprised me a little with his toughness. So even if he sits a bit, it’s nice to know we have a quality guy ready to go. And you bet, PK should definitely be in the running for top rookie. If he doesn’t win I’m going to be upset. But it’s the NHL so I don’t expect an intelligent decision.

  7. Dennis, Nothing would surprise me with throwing games for motives such as a higher draft pick, not facing the Habs, etc. Boston can’t hold a lead and crumbles when ahead. No will to win. If they face Habs, you know I’m rooting to Les Canadiens! Ole Ole!!!!

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