I Just Wasted Two And A Half Hours Watching The Habs

It’s late, quarter to one in the morning, and I’ve just turned off the TV after seeing the Habs-Leafs game. And I’m tired of talking about bad things. I’m tired of wondering why Carey Price is playing like he just smoked a joint. I’m tired of complaining about underachievers. And it’s tiresome that the team is mired in what can now be considered a lengthy slump, playing like an uninspired and uninterested lot.

A 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs at home. What is that? Coming the night after losing in Buffalo. Not long after a four-game losing streak.

But I’m tired. It’s past my bedtime. Maybe a little meditation would be good. Some soft music. But I think I’ll just  say goodnight to the cat and go peacefully to bed. With just a little chant before I go……..


Coming Up:

This is a good time to get out of town. So it’s a six-game road trip that takes them to Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado, Vancouver, Washington and Pittsburgh. Other than that, I have absolutely nothing interesting to say.

5 thoughts on “I Just Wasted Two And A Half Hours Watching The Habs”

  1. I don’t think the mess was all Price’s fault…. I mean, yeah, okay so in the third period I thought that maybe he had just switched brains with Toskala or something, but it never helps when most of the guys in front of you looked just as dead on their feet…..

  2. No, it definitely wasn’t all his fault because so many on the team aren’t playing well. But he looks out of sorts. He’s slow moving, he’s not sharp. He’s not playing goal the way we’ve seen him play goal. I wonder why.

  3. DK, I posted late last night before your most recent post. Not sure if you read it but it’s there in the Avery post. If your readers are interested in my thoughts they can find them there,when I also late at night had just finished watching that shamefull excuse for intense play by our team !
    Once again was last year just smoke & mirrows or are we now seeing the real deal ? It seems most other teams have figured out how to shut us down & we don’t seem to be able to counter their changes. It’s just same-old same-old it worked last year how come it’s not working this year & it appears no one behind the bench has that answer !! Well there are only 30 games left & they better figure it out soon or the Cup in year 100 will only be a forgotten dream .
    No cheers from the East just Frustration !!!!

  4. I’m with you, Mike. I hear you loud and clear. It’s pretty bad right now. Maybe the road trip will change things.

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