I Helped With The Program

I was eleven and the greatest thing in the history of things was going to happen.

Rocket Richard was coming to Orillia to skate around and drop pucks on a big night at the arena.

Somehow, the Orillia Packet and Times sports writer found out about my scrapbook and phoned my house and asked my mom and me if he could use one of my Maurice Richard photos in the program. We said yes, of course, and that’s it on the back of the program, signed by Rocket, although his pen was running out of ink. (I also used the opportunity to have Rocket sign my book “Rocket Richard” by Andy O’Brien, that I had just got for Christmas.)

As a thank you for the use of my picture, the sports writer gave me the original photo of Rocket signing the guest book at Orillia City Hall.


5 thoughts on “I Helped With The Program”

  1. The Rocket went to Orillia in search of the biggest Hab fan lost in the heart of Leaf territory.

  2. Lost in Leaf Land. It was a nightmare. Hobo knows too. Another Habs fan in enemy territory.

  3. What a graceful handwriting style the Rocket had. His words are beautifully shaped by his pen; as if he is skating and skillfully weaving around the ice towards another one of his signature goals.

  4. Danno, Bobby Hull is another one with beautiful handwriting. Nowadays you can’t even tell who signed unless they put their number with it.

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