I Guess That’s It. This Is The Team.

A real quick note because I’m basically indisposed right now and am at a library with about ten minutes to catch up on things.

The Canadiens didn’t make any moves on this trade deadline day, and it makes me slightly depressed. But Bob Gainey says they look set so it’s no big deal.

I think any team that is outshot 45 to 25 every single game needed to make a trade today. But hey, what do I know? Oh yeah, I know they get outshot 45 to 25 every single game.

5 thoughts on “I Guess That’s It. This Is The Team.”

  1. Hey Dennis,

    Yeah, I was kinda surprised…. but not totally surprised as Gainey never panics…

    I agree that with the team giving up so many shots…. filling a hole on D would have looked good to me…. and god knows.. he may have looked into a couple of guys and just couldn’t make it work with the cap.

    Gainey seems to be banking on the fact that the team never really got going as a unit… all season…

    There’s always been key guys hurt.

    If Tanguay comes back ready to play…. that’s almost like an addition… if everyone in the roster stays healthy… then Guillaum….

    Not to change the subject… but one guy I would have loved to see come up and be given a bit of a shot is Shawn Belle… we really haven’t heard much about him on the depth chart…. but he’s a responsible D man… can skate… can play a bit physical….

    But anyway…. I was a bit disappointed too… although I wasn’t too high on Jokinen… after a while I started thinking… Koivu would probably light a fire with this guy… but then Darryl Sutter pulled off those (pretty good) trades… landing 2 important pieces….

    Cheers Dennis!

  2. I too was disappointed. But I remember that the Habs started off the season strong, until all the guys started getting injured. So Gainey must have confidence when they all come back, the team will be all right.

  3. There weren’t many trades done last night that I wish the Habs had done. Most GMs (the buyers) ended up overpaying for what they got, as usual on trade deadline.

    In my book, the only steal also happens to be the biggest trade of the day. Olli Jokinen for a 4th line grit player (Prust), a 3rd line center who MIGHT become a borderline 2nd line center (Lombardi) and a late 1st round pick???
    And Gainey was not able to match that? That’s my biggest disappointment from yesterday.

    The other guy who might have been good for us is Derrek Morris, but considering what the Rangers paid for him – no way I would have matched that.

    Personally I also entertained some faint and distant hope that Kovalev would be flipped to a western contender for a 1st round pick but hey, one can always dream…

    Overall I think you can interpret the message Gainey is giving to his troops in 2 different ways:
    1) ‘I have faith in this group and I think they can win as they are’. That of course is the message the media is getting and what he says in a press conference – it’s the correct thing to say.
    2) the real message in my opinion: ‘This team is really not 1 or 2 players away from truly contending for the Cup. Therefore I’m not wasting my hard-earned assets on overpriced rentals. We’re not making it this year but the team is progressing in the direction I want. When I feel that we’re 1 impact player away from the big prize, I’ll have the resources I need to pull the trigger. Meanwhile, win or lose with this squad, it’s up to you.’
    That, I think, is the real message Gainey is sending to his players (and fans).

  4. psst, they outshot Buffalo and lost 5-1 last night…hmm, maybe things were better when they were outshot every night….?

  5. EP- yeah but the ‘we’re getting outshot 47-18’ recipe only works with Halak in nets, for some weird reason…

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