I Got Dem Old Habs Blues


How come a blues playing Habs fan hasn’t written a scorching tune yet about the most wretched of all wretched Decembers?

Or maybe someone has.

If not, it’s time, bluesman. Because in the Montreal delta, folks are goin through some mighty hard times. Lord have mercy.

Surely old Sugar Kane, King of the Blues, can put something together if he’s not too busy howlin in a subway or in front of general store somewhere.

The Canadiens fell 3-1 to a big, young Florida Panthers team to end the month and the year on a downer. It’s the blues, baby.

Three wins and eleven losses in this month. A pathetic 22 goals scored in these 14 December games, which, if I did this right, amounts to 1.57 goals per game over the month.

How do you expect to win like that?

And those crazy dumb penalties. It hurts my head so much I can’t wear my fedora. And my shades are fogging up.

The sun gonna shine in the Montreal delta some day.
Sun gonna shine some day they say.
When the Habs do rise and blow my blues away.

(A wailing harmonica might be a nice touch here.)

Shor nuff, baby, I need some booze.
Cause till they rise, I got dem old Habs blues.

Random Notes:

New Hab netminder Ben Scrivens played really well and was definitely not responsible for the loss.

Florida outshot Montreal 29-28.

Max notched his second in two nights.

Next up – New Year’s Day at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass, when the Canadiens and Bruins clash in the  Winter Classic. Game time is apparently 1: PM ET. For those in the first few rows at Gillette wishing to get a close look at the ice surface before and after the game, taxis will be waiting.




15 thoughts on “I Got Dem Old Habs Blues”

  1. Listen to me people
    Tell ya what I’ ll do ,
    Gonna go someplace
    Find a scorer or two .

    Gotta stop the bleedin’
    We gotta stay alive ,
    In our gallant quest
    For number twenty-five .

    My little ditty here
    As I watch them lose ,
    Don’t keep me drowning
    My sorrow in booze .

    Listen to me people
    Tell ya what I’ll do ,
    Gonna go someplace
    Find a scorer or two .

    Sung to the tune of Mercury blues .

    Go Habs Go !

  2. Great, Joe! I’m making you the official blog bluesman! Live from the House of Blues – Howlin Joe. “Gonna go someplace, find a scorer or two”.

  3. Well DK it’s times like these that I think Rogers is doing me a favour blacking out 75% of Montreal’s games! My new 55″ TV may not have survived this dismal December,( 6 pts. out of a possible 28, Really!) I don’t know the answer to their woes but it seems nor does MT,(aka Thornbush). Yes we miss Price & Gally but this is a total team desertion or is it a mutiny? In this league you can’t afford these kind of slumps, first place soon becomes on the outside looking longingly in. I don’t know if sending half the team to the press box, humiliate them & call up half the Ice Dogs & I mean are top players because it’s the call up’s that are trying night in and night out! That won’t happen but something needs to shake this team out of their funk & SOON. If the efforts there & we lose so be it but right now I don’t see any sustained effort at all, very disturbing after the start they had as the season got under way.

  4. I don’t understand this slump at all, Mike, except losing Price and Gally for so long hasn’t helped. I also don’t understand an eight game road trip, even though Christmas broke it up. This is supposed to be the best team in 20 years or so, and look what’s happened. This is enough to drive me to drink.

  5. As of last Saturday, Vancouver played 17 of their last 23 games on the road so 8 is nothing. Who makes up the schedules!!!

  6. Guys it isn’t anything to do with the numbe rof games they in a time frame. I noticed some things in the game. PKgot frustrated enough to fight….now he can’t fight worth a damm and no one came to his defense for whatever reason……watch the other teams when one of their star players is put in his situation. Eller at the end of the game got punch in the face bare knuckle don’t you know and a couple of other punches in the side of the head. Max was oin the crease near the end of the game and while many players are frantically slashing their stick to somehow get that elusive puck past the goalie he was one poke and looked up and looked both ways like his head was on a swivel for fear of getting ambushed by Florida…….look BGdoesn’t look up…many players when in the crease will wail away with their stick to put tteh puck in the net. No this team is not very endowed with character I am afraid. Maybe 3-4 players but the rest are afraid to mix it up physically and avoid getting hit like the plague. If yo uwatch the games on PVRlike Ido you can play back these situations and boy is it ever obvious that this team is really….I’ll say soft but there are other ways to call it. MBonce said he wasnted players with character……well Prust was his first attempt and it was a noteworthy gesture….what the hell has happened to this plan. MT’s reputation is one of having tough players ie : enforcers but there is no one on this team to help push back when it gets physical. I have been saying for a while now….we willl face physicality in the playoffs that must be matched….now I wonder if we make the playoffs.

  7. We are once again becoming the laughing stock of the NHL; in that we are wooosies. H. Ballard said Inge Hammerston [ of the Borje Salming era] could go into the corner with eggs in his pocket and not one would crack. BUT—-we got depth; we got character; we got jam; we got each other’s back. Only thing missing from those attributes is the truth!!!

  8. Cliff, I disagree slightly about your first point. Road trips are tiring, and if a team meets a rested, fresh one, it makes for tough hauling. Everyone is talking about the difference between the big young tough Panthers, but over the past several years everyone was saying the same thing about the Blues and Canucks, who proved not nearly as successful in the postseason as Montreal. I think you’ve convinced yourself that the Canadiens truly suck, but I don’t feel this. It’s a horrible time for them that’s for sure, but when the playoffs roll around no one remembers the regular season.

  9. Hi Dennis…many have disagreed with me in the past and I hope for that in the future because it helps me grow ; so one more isn’t a problem and I do understand the scenario you mentioned and agree 100% however the needs of our team is greater and that ought to translate into extra effort tired or not. I just don’t think they are that determined and I definitely see a lack of grit there. However I also recognize that you are an astute hockey man and give you the nod here. Enjoy your New Years Dennis and let’s hope that they can beat the Bruins on New Years day. This Bruin teeam is quite good and a bit physical in nature so it won’t be easy but then again nothing is easy.

  10. I’m fully on the same page as both Cliff and Peter regarding the lack of grit. I wish we had more. I wish I saw more passion, even the odd dropping of the gloves. I wish we had a few Prust-like players.

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