I Get The Feeling Fans In Florida Weren’t Happy With Jacques Martin


After the Canadiens played the Leafs and squeaked it out in overtime while being outshot about a thousand to 20, I asked this question:

“Why are we getting outshot like this? Our defence is an experienced group, and Andrei Markov is back to make it that much better. Jacques Martin’s forte as coach is to create a solid, defensive system. Habs forwards can play both ways, they’re not just an offensive team up front.

So why the inordinate shots on goal against every night? Help me, people. I don’t have any answers.”

The guys from a Florida Panthers blog, The Rat Trick, having had Jacques as the Panther coach in a previous life between 2005 and 2008, answered my question. And it’s not pretty..

“The System that Jacques uses is to have the other team take more shots than his team, but hope that his team scores more! Saw this personally here in Florida for three very aggravating years.
He preaches defence, but I’m not sure if it’s actually applied.
I feel your pain and continue to question his philosophy.”

5 thoughts on “I Get The Feeling Fans In Florida Weren’t Happy With Jacques Martin”

  1. He might have something. In Ottawa he was also known as a defensive coach, but the teams were all offence. It worked quite well in the regular season, but they always seemed to lose to a much weaker Leafs team. I don’t remember the shots, but I don’t think the goalie was ever considered an all-star.

  2. If the one-sided shots continue for the season, then I’m blaming Martin for sure and one of us has to take over.

  3. If that’s what we’re in for for the rest of the season, Phil, it’s not going to be fun. Even when they win it feels tainted if they’re badly outshot.

  4. The rest of the season is gonna be very interesting.
    And someone please explain the logic into this strategy; win by shooting less than the other team.

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