6 thoughts on “I Forgot About Google Translation”

  1. For the Swedish text, it was easy enough to type it all without the accents. A Swedish spell check fixed half of the words. Then I went and added the remaining accents. Finally used Google to translate it. And it still didn’t help me that much. Kevin did a better job.

    For the Russian tickets I guessed the English words, used Google to translate to Russian and visually compared them. I don’t think I would ever try what I did with Swedish, that was hard enough.

    For the Russian Bobby Orr book, I just Googled for Bobby Orr and Russian book. I’m not even sure I would have known what to search for without Danno’s earlier guess.

  2. Based on what english I could get without Google, I figured it had to do with that. Chris’ translation sealed it.

    With all the apostrophes, at first I thought maybe John Ferguson left a letter in a Swedish paper after the games “complimenting” the officiating and the play of the Swedes…lol

  3. Dennis, I’ll tell you something if you promise to keep it a secret.

    The reason I am good at solving your puzzles is because I am a Russian spy.

    Seriously though, I am a bit of a word puzzle nut.

    I do Jumble, Adrian Powell’s crossword and something called the Canadian Cyberquotes (which is my favourite puzzle) every day.

    It’s mostly due to solving the Canadian Cyberquotes that I saw right away the book was about Bobby Orr.

    I knew it had to be hockey related. Then I the letter pattern jumped out and I could see it was Bobby Orr just with different lettering.

    Cyberquotes is a puzzle where you have to crack a code. There is a quote from a famous Canadian but the original letters are switched to other letters of the alphabet.

    This ends up looking like alphabet soup. But the key to cracking the code is to look for common patterns in the words.

    Sometimes the quote comes from a hockey player. They’ve had Ken Dryden and Bobby Hull recently and I wish I would have kept them to share with you now that we are on a bit of a puzzle theme.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Christopher is a Cyberquote solver too.

  4. You’re good, Danno Russian spy, but some day, when you least expect it, I’m going to stump you.

  5. Kevin, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Fergie had done that. Or jumped on the ice and pummelled a couple of Swedish players.

  6. Danno I do love puzzles especially when they come to me in small amounts. One a day is good, when I have too many I don’t do any.

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