CBC Story – Where’s All This Going?

New NHL demands $89,000 from Montreal restaurant

League says sign with Habs jersey and slogan is trademark infringement

CBC News

Posted: May 16, 2011   1:03 PM ET

(Thanks to Danno for sending this)

The National Hockey League is demanding $89,000 from a Montreal restaurant that displayed a Montreal Canadiens sweater and the words “Go Habs Go” on a sign.

The owner of a Basha franchise in downtown Montreal put an image on an outside wall showing the name of the restaurant and a man slicing shawarma while wearing a red Canadiens sweater.

But a lawyer working for the league sent a letter saying the sweater and the slogan are trademarks, and that the owner will have to pay the sum for copyright infringement.

The owner, Fadl Issa, painted over the Canadiens logos and the slogan when he first learned of possible infringement two months ago.

Issa has since taken down the sign completely, but he said he won’t pay the money, and wonders why his restaurant was singled out.

“[I’m] surprised, I [said] it can’t be, it’s nonsense,” said Issa. “I see places all around Montreal [showing] Go Habs Go.”

The lawyer and the NHL would not speak to CBC News for this story, but the league did send a brief emailed response.

“The NHL takes seriously the protection of league and team trademark rights,” the email said.

Issa said he just wanted to support his hometown hockey team, and said the idea came from his children.

“They said to me, Dad, why don’t you do something to support the Canadiens?'” said Issa.

6 thoughts on “CBC Story – Where’s All This Going?”

  1. Well DK I suppose it’s to help fund the Coyotes for another useless year! Don’t these dolts have more pressing issues to deal with? They are all ass-hooooles! Here’s my feeble go canucks go.
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  2. That’s a good point, Mike. They need money to finance the Coyotes! I’m also thinking that at some point down the road they’ll direct their attention to bloggers and some of the photos we use etc.

  3. Hey Dennis! Garry Bettman just called. He says you’ll have to take down your DK logo immediately as it resembles the trademarked CH crest too closely.

    Has the world gone completely nuts?

    This is corporate bullying of a little guy who just loves his team and wants to make his kids happy.What the hell is wrong with that?

    That weasel-face bastard Garry Bettman deserves a kick in the nuts for this.

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