I Didn’t Know I Had This

Over the years I’ve accumulated hundreds of little Russian pins given to me by friends there, and last night I was going through them looking for Olympic pins. Most of my Russian pins are from the boycotted 1980 summer games in Moscow, and I only found a couple from the winter games.

But in my search, I found this:


It’s an old Russian Habs pin that I didn’t know I had.

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know I Had This”

  1. THAT is cool, Dennis. So it was made in honour of the Canadiens by a Russian artist/designer?

    Many Russian players have really liked Montreal over the years and the city is perceived as friendly to foreigners, as it were. There’s a genuine respect for the city and its team.

    I’m proud of that.

  2. Hi HDS. Yes, it was made in Russia by a Russian artist. Pins are a big thing over there. And you’re right – the Canadiens have always been admired by Russian fans, although I think Pittsburgh is the sexy team for young Russians now.

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