I Count The Seconds Until This Scum Is Caught

I’ve just finished reading about someone breaking into Pat Burn’s widow’s car and stealing cherished items and I wanted to say something about this. But all I can think of is how I hope this person(s) is caught quickly and we get to line up and take turns stabbing knitting needles into his testicles. (Yes, I’m saying it’s a male. Just a gut feeling).

But I want no one from Philadelphia or Vancouver or anywhere else to equate this sorry and disgraceful act with the great city of Montreal. Scum like this can be found anywhere. This isn’t a black mark on Montreal, but it’s going to be a large black mark on this guy’s face and body when he’s caught. I’m quite confident Pat’s brotherhood in the police force are grinding their teeth and preparing a type of welcoming mat for this person as we speak.

Can I help do the blackening? Oh, how it would give me such pleasure.

7 thoughts on “I Count The Seconds Until This Scum Is Caught”

  1. Dennis, this is the kind of stuff that just makes you wonder about humanity. How low and evil can some people be? Do they not understand these people have suffered enough already? Scum is really too nice a word.

    I hope the person, or persons involved realize they did something totally unacceptable and find it within themselves to return all of the items to the police and do it now.

    The things they took will be easily recognized and if they try to make a buck with them they’ll be caught red handed anyways. Better to face the music now on your own terms.

    Whoever you are. Do the honourable thing and turn yourself in now along with all the things you stole.

  2. I’m completely incensed. Totally and utterly and thoroughly. Whoever did this heinous thing better hope he/she doesn’t run into a Habs fan, or else he/she will be calling the cops on himself/herself and begging for police protection.

  3. Just what the Hell is wrong with this world we live in? I’m just going to go to bed & cover my head & hope it’s all just a bad nightmare!!
    Disgusted from the East!!!!

  4. It’s pretty bad, Mike. This is why I like animals so much. They don’t do the things some humans are capable of.

  5. well one can only hope this/these scum bag(s) get operated on with nothing more then a blow torch and a pair of pliers. A little mafia style payback would set them straight.

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