I Could’ve Sworn That Was Jacques Plante Out There

A 3-0 shutout by Jaroslav Halak. A big, round, chocolate-covered doughnut with a bunch of coloured sprinkles on it and maybe some of that creamy goo that falls down the front of your shirt. A big 3-0 win over the Canucks, who had been rolling through eastern Canada like nobody’s business. But not tonight. The Habs stopped them. Yeah, I know, Canucks fans. We were outshot. Is that all you got?

No, it wasn’t perfect. Several bad penalties didn’t help, but Halak was there when needed. And it wasn’t good when Patrice Brisebois threw the puck blindly across the ice, as he sometimes has a habit of doing, and naturally it was intercepted by the other team. But Halak was there to bail Breezer out.

And to return the favour, when the puck got dangerously behind Halak later, Brisebois was there to swoop it away and save a goal. It was heartwarming to see the brotherly love. Maybe the bowling worked!

Random notes:

Tomas Plekanec scored a beauty when Saku Koivu stripped the puck, shoved it up to Plekanec who then skated in alone and buried it after just getting out of the penalty box.

Andrei Markov scored on a power play. And Maxim Lapierre got an empty-netter.

And to add to this great night, this chocolate-covered, sprinkled doughnut night, three other teams who needed to lose did just that. Florida, Buffalo, and Carolina all lost big games and important ground to the Canadiens.

Powell Riverite Sandy, a big Canucks fan who never fails to mention when her team wins and mine loses, probably will go into hiding for several days.

Alex Kovalev played another fine, hard-working game and skated away with one assist and several good chances.

Friday Montreal goes to Philadelphia for yet another ridiculously important game. But regardless of how tight things are now, and how important every game is from here on in, just believe that the Habs have turned a serious corner and are now playing much better hockey. I have great faith.

And forget about being outshot 34-17. I liked what I saw out there tonight.

10 thoughts on “I Could’ve Sworn That Was Jacques Plante Out There”

  1. Good game Dennis, though I have to say that Toronto Fans have more class than your Montreal Fans about Sundin……..what they’re still crying cause Matt didn’t pick Montreal over Vancouver…..get over it

  2. Toronto fans booed him when he was on the ice, gave him a standing ovation during his “tribute” and then went back to booing him…

    Boston! They finally did something good for us! As did Ottawa. I’d lump the Ducks in that too but the Sabres have their own problems right now…

  3. Sandy- Sundin deserved to be booed and I’m glad the people at the Bell Centre didn’t miss an occasion.
    Of course you can say it was his right to make believe for several months that he would sign with Montreal, then bolt for the biggest offer – after all he was a UFA and UFAs are allowed to chose.
    But the fans in Montreal also have a right to let him know that they don’t respect his lack of integrity.

    As for the game, well what more can be said? Very exciting game, good omen for the rest of the season. The only person who maybe’s not so happy about it all is Carey Price… but as Carbo said, he’s had plenty of opportunity to prove he’s the #1 and he hasn’t done it. So Jaro, the job is yours to lose!

    What would be the best now would be for the Habs to just get on a roll and win like their next 7 games to climb back to 4th in the East. Finish the season on a tear and roll into the playoffs on fire.

  4. So Montreal fans were supposed to cheer for Sundin? Chara never played in Montreal. Or Briere. Or a bunch of other players. How does booing Sundin show a lack of class? It doesn’t make any sense.

    As for the game, Kovalev took a lot of stupid penalties. Not good.

    But the shot differential doesn’t make me worried. Montreal had a lot of chances, but didn’t get the shot on net. They played well, and took advantage at the right times. To me, it felt like Montreal had more than 17 shots. I thought they had at least 12 in the first period, but it turned out to be only six or seven. That actually bodes well, because it shows they actually had a lot of pressure.

  5. Agree with Tom regarding the shots. Watching the game last night I did not get the feeling the Habs were tremendously outplayed, at least not the whole game.
    There were moments were Vancouver was bringing it to us but I feel the players reacted very well, considering who they were playing and the situation (lack of confidence) the team is going through at the moment.

  6. I love it when a goalie gets their 1st shutout of the season. Especially when it is so well deserved. Halak played awesome (he obviously had been watching Luongo’s last few game reels…”Halak’s Homework ” )Whatever the case–Habs fans–the game was great to watch, good to see that this team can pull it up and out of the tabliods and headlines that detract from the awesome wonderment and unpredictability of the best game on the face of our planet. I also thought it was quite gracious of Bell Centre to chant LOOOOUUUUUU every time Mats touched the puck…… I do hope it’s not 2-3-yrs before we meet again.

  7. Yeah, a glimmer of possible progression back to an acceptable level of intensity is faintly flickering but we still have a lot of work to do. The interesting aspect of this kind of disarray is how clearly it illustrates how vital and, yes, tangble, mental and emotional factors are. Again, Kovalev is our bellweather – how he is playing directly reflects the state of the team. When we get back on track Kovalev will follow.

    As for Leaf fans being classy? LOL. The fact they didn’t really give it to Sundin shows how truly dumb they are. Hey, even now he keeps on saying how he is a Leaf thru and thru yet last year rather than let them trade him for an expletive-deleted load of team-improving players and picks he goes for free to the Canucks. Note, I did not say Canuckleheads because they are not playing in the manner to which we have grown accustomed altho the fans are still amazingly canuckleheaded. i.e. almost as dumb as Leaf fans, as exemplified by Sandy’s failure to appreciate how badly the Leafs were done over by Sundin’s selfish desire to not be a rental player. Hell, he coulda left for the playoffs and returned to a much better team this year. Yup, Leaf fans, mega-dumkopfts and just above them …. the canuckleheads who don’t deserve their team as it is currently playing. And don’t get me wrong here: true, canuckleheads are astoundingly dumb hockey fans but, unlike Leaf fans, it’s a seasonal and local affliction – they leave their canuckleheadedness at the arena, as it were.

    As for Sundin. Hey, we didn’t sit around and bemoan his indecision – we went out and got Lang who, as it turned out was a much better deal. Yeah, too bad he got injured but that’s hockey, eh?

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