I Can’t Take It

I’m losing track. Sinking like a stone.

Briere, Ribeiro, Alfredsson, Sequin, Lecavalier, Schneider, Peverly, Emery, Regin, Ference, Komisarek, Horton, Radio City Rocketts, partridges in a pear tree, and on and on and on.

It’s all too much for me. I can’t relate. Players moving around, dollars being tossed like confetti. More and more I see hockey going nuts.

It’s Friday and I need to get away from this madness.

I just want to mention one thing before I go. I have an office at my new job, and in my office there’s a gigantic framed picture more than three feet wide and three feet high of the famous photo of the Rocket shaking hands with Sugar Jim Henry, which used to hang in Rocket’s electronics store.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the wheeling and dealing going on now around the league, but anyway………just keep any weapons like knives away from me at this time.


3 thoughts on “I Can’t Take It”

  1. Habs sign George Parros and increase their toughness considerably.


    Here Parros takes on a formidable heavyweight, John Scott


    This is good news for Brandon Prust who had to do more than his fair share of fighting last season.

    Canadiens.com press release:


  2. It is crazy but hockey has changed forever and we will have to live with it just like we do the good old days of honor, integrity and loyalty……sigh…..

  3. Joe, it probably began with a few out of control spenders years ago and everyone else was never able to right the ship. Now it’s like a bad acid trip. When very ordinary and mediocre players whom we wouldn’t know if they walked into our living room are earning millions of dollars, to me it says the league is nuts. Especially after all those lockouts and strikes.

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