I Can’t Shake The “Ole” Song, Even In August

Remember that wretched “Ole” song we heard all too often at the Bell Centre when Montreal was leading the game by a goal or two, and before you know it, the other team scores a couple and the song isn’t sung after that?


I hate that song. And the other night, watching the Olympics in Beijing, I heard it again during a men’s sailing event.


This song inspires the other team. It’s evil. Montreal has lost games because of this song.


I understand this is a popular soccer song in Europe. If so, fine. Then let it stay in Europe. Keep it out of Montreal Canadiens games. It doesn’t belong. It smacks of smugness and over-confidence, and celebrating before it’s time to celebrate.


I’ve never minded other songs and chants at games, only this one. It creates a positive charge for the opposing team. People who sing this think they’re rejoicing in the good fortunes of the Habs, but all they’re doing is rallying the other team.


There should be a city bylaw outlawing this song.

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Shake The “Ole” Song, Even In August”

  1. Maybe the Habs could hire Gary Glitter to sing, now that he’s out of the pokey.

    Rock and Row ooool…. Rock and rowllll…….

  2. The only chant we should utter is GO-HABS-GO !!
    Cheers’s from the East
    Les Canadiens Sont La !!!!!

  3. Fans just want to have fun being Habs fans… this refrain when sang is celebration and has virtually nothing to do with what the score is… I have heard it when the Habs were behind, thight or ahead in score.

    On the other hand Iv’ always hated the na na na song sang towards the end of a winning game,….. it sound nasal, stupid but mostly it is deragatory towards the visiting teams about to lose a game…. thats no way to celebrate a win.

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