I Can’t Even Think Of A Good Title For This

Before that thing in Toronto Saturday night, long-time linesman and brand new Hall of Famer Ray Scapinella told the story about how he spent years collecting sticks from players after games he worked and he had this big collection, until one day he came home, looked out the window, and there were all his sticks cut in half by his elderly father and used in the garden for tomatoes.


That’s all I have to say about this night.



5 thoughts on “I Can’t Even Think Of A Good Title For This”

  1. I confess I didn’t watch much of this game. After the putrid start and having already seen my Blue Bombers leave a mess on the field I just knew it was going to be one of those days. I really hate it when we lose to the leafs. Has anyone else noticed how much trouble our defense has when Hammer is out? Maybe giving up some assets to land a guy like Bouwmeester would help. And as hard as it is to swallow, this game might be what we need to smarten up. Winning games that you don’t play so well in can and usually does lead to sloppy habits. Lets see how the rest of this week pans out.

  2. If it’s any consolation, the mini-Habs beat the mini-Leafs with Captain Chips opening and closing the score. And yes, my day was overly crappy as well. If this doesn’t kick them in the rear, I’ll walk over to the Bell Center and do it myself.

  3. yeah what an embarassing game tonight. It also sucked seeing that little puke Grabovski flying all over the ice. The defense was just awful as well. This team has been coasting along for quite some time now and I could see this one coming from a mile away. If they don’t wake up soon I’m going to start to wonder about Carbonneau, well I wonder about him anyway cause this just seems like the 2008 playoffs all over again. Yes, this team is so deep and talented they can afford to take a night off now and then, but not every friggin night, and especially not to the Leafs! How embarassing…

  4. I’m starting to wonder if Carbonneau isn’t strict enough. The crazy amount of penalties they’ve been taking lately is obscene. And I noticed Robert Lang laughing and smiling in the third when they were down a couple of goals.
    And the way Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson went on all night about how strong they are just didn’t seem right to me. They’ve stunk lately, so these guys should tell it like it is. So far, they haven’t been real strong. As least not like these two kept talking about.
    Maybe the players have started to believe their press clippings a little too much. Time to tighten up.

  5. DK;you took the words right out my mouth (press clippings).So far the only complete game we have played was the 6-1 game in Toronto.We are quite lucky to be where we are in the standings !! These guy’s have got to wake up & relise it’s a 60 minute game,not 20,not 40 but 60 !!!
    All the best from the EAST !!!!!

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