I Asked The Swami About The Game

I consulted my swami today about tonight’s game in Dallas, a game we all know is bigger than big, considering the Habs are teetering on the edge of the Grand Canyon with only a slight breeze away from hurtling over.

“Swami.” I asked. “How will the boys perform tonight?”

“Carey Price will be magnificent,” answered the great swami. “The team will win. They will be strong. They will look good. These are questions I can answer with the greatest of ease.”

“But,” continued the swami,” there is one question that is impossible to answer. There is no swami the world who will know this. It’s too difficult, so please don’t ask. I have no idea how Alex Kovalev will do.”

4 thoughts on “I Asked The Swami About The Game”

  1. James, I went to “Ask Jeeves” for a nice short answer. A swami is from eastern religions and is defined as “he who knows and is a master of himself.” A little bit like Guy Lafleur I suppose.

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