14 thoughts on “I Always Knew Paul McCartney Was The Sappy One”

  1. Lennon would probably have had a heart with an arrow throught it and MOMMY inscribed on it (yeah, he said he was looking for his mama and I guess he found her in Yoko, eh?): I still don’t get this Lennon cult thing. What a mediocre wanker! Mcartney and Martin did all the creative stuff – all Lennon did was posture for the pc crowd of the times.

  2. You might like Paul’s post-Beatles silly love song shit, but I don’t. I loved his Beatles stuff but have disliked everything except the Band on the Run album. Everything else he’s done, with very few exceptions, has been fluff. Even now in concert Paul does mostly Beatles stuff.
    John’s stuff had more of an edge to it. He, like me, hated the silly love song stuff.
    The bottom line is, the Beatles needed both of them to be the Beatles. Two complete different personalities at play here.
    Martin polished and created but he wasn’t there in the clubs in Liverpool and Hamburg when the boys rocked out.
    Calling John a wanker is a bit harsh. He was the greasiest Teddy Boy in the bunch through school. He was also the most anti-establishment of the four, and millions upon millions loved him.
    I thought he was great but frankly, if I could’ve sat down with a Beatle and drank some beer, it would’ve been with George.

  3. Dennis,

    I dont know much about the Beatles but i do like there music and respect what they mean to the music world, but rumor has it the reason John Lennon was shot was because he was seen with a Canadians sticker on his guitar. Im not so sure how true it is but it definitely makes sense …………. if only he was a canucks fan

  4. Silly love-song shit, like anything else, has its place in the order of things. After all, hehe, luuuv, like comedy, is serious biz. But let’s not confuse it with with Lennon’s mommy-luuuvin’ obsession. Ha! A little boy posing as a rebel but really desperately needing Yoko to wash out his potty-mouth. And his cult-followers suffer from acute Will-not-to-believe-itis – they neurotically deny how abysmally sappy his stuff is. Ha, wanker is a generous epithet for the hammeister. Rocked out in Hamburg? LOL. More like boozed/effed/doped out. Anti-establishment? More like suck-up to the establishment – c’mon,`So this is Christmas’. The fact that he was murdered by a zombie makes him no less a humbug: yeah, John Lennon = rock n’ roll shoot-out. (As for George -strickly ganja.)

  5. “Hey Jude”, one of the best songs ever produced, was written by Paul McCartney:

    “It was Julian, however, who inspired the Beatles song “Hey Jude.” Behind the Music described the song as, “an anthem of hope and longing a song of comfort and concern. written by Paul McCartney to console a five year old boy devastated by his parents divorce.” In 1999, Julian, as stated on his web site, still finds it, “hard to imagine this man [McCartney] was thinking about me and my life so much that he wrote a song about me. If I’m sitting in a bar and the song comes on the radio, I still get goose pimples.” In 1968 John left Julian and Cynthia, moving from London to New York City with his new wife Yoko Ono, a Japanese performance artist. Julian would not see his father for the next four years.”

    He may like the Red Wings, but this story says a lot to me. I was reminded of it in an article I read just yesterday (by coincidence).

    They were both pretty good songwriters – ask anyone trying to write songs now. Both were different too.

  6. I’ve always loved Hey Jude too. Have you ever seen the video of them doing it in the studio that was aired on both the Smothers Bros and the David Frost Show?
    And Hey Jude is a great example of what I was saying. What Paul did in the Beatles dwarfed most anything he did later on without the Beatles. Let’s face it Paul needed John and John needed Paul. And Topham, you’re right when you bring up the songwriting. Together, it was a match made in heaven.
    And I would love to see McCartney in concert just so I could be there when he did Beatles stuff.

  7. Topham, here’s a `rant’ for you:

    Dennis, the `match made in heaven’ was between Mc & Martin. Lennon was waaaaay down there `imagining’ himself as the opposite of what he really was, to wit, a self-centred intellectually shallow emotionally stunted nine-year old riding like the proverbial monkey on the shoulders of others petulantly lashing out at them for being, well, simply more than he was.

  8. Jordy- there’s alot to be said regarding that theory and I must admit that the long and winding road that leads to the cup will make it’s way to the westcoast of B.C. Go Canucks Go

  9. Dennis,

    your words are as dirty as Ulf Samuelson’s style of hockey.


    Its great to see another canucks fan on here!

  10. That’s great. Now that you and Jan are here, that means every Canucks fan in the world is now reading my blog.

  11. Dennis, your pot shots only make us Canuck fans more loyal. We are legion. We are invading your site.

    Two more sleeps till Trevor Linden night!

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