Hurricanes Blow In To The Eye Of The Storm

The Carolina Hurricanes are in town Tuesday night, and now that they’ve ended a 14-game losing streak by beating Minnesota, you just know that this could spell trouble for the Habs.

The last thing Montreal needs right now is to run into a team that has just tasted victory after a long dry spell and likes how it feels. And Carolina also knows they’re meeting a banged-up, messed-up, high maintenance, complicated bunch with all the usual turmoil thrown in, and are ready for the taking.

The Canadiens on the other hand, have just come off an inexcusable effort in Music City, were worked to death the following day in practice, and many risk being traded or sent to Siberia at any given moment. So in other words, we have no idea which Habs team we’ll get on this night.

It should be an incredibly interesting game, if only because of all the subplots involved.

Puck drops at 7:30 ET. I’m assuming everyone will be out of bed by then.

5 thoughts on “Hurricanes Blow In To The Eye Of The Storm”

  1. Hi Dennis – Here’s hoping your Habs kick some serious ‘Canes butt. Maybe your team can get fired up. My boys are going from bad to worse very quickly. So I’ll send some good hockey vibes north just for your team. Oh, the despair of it all when our teams aren’t playing up to par. I’m ready for a Labatts now, but I’m in work so I can’t use that excuse.

  2. Hi Denis – Metro on fist line as Gionta is still off. Price in nets. Good decisions.
    After the Trashville debacle I swore I’d stop watching for a while, but as you know it’s a hard habit to kick…
    I’m hoping as you are that they bring their A game.
    And no sleep-walkers.

  3. Advertisements? You must be getting quite the hits to be putting ads in the middle of your post.

    Sometime last season, I was talking to someone about latendresse, and they ended up comparing him to a bear, often in hibernation but comes out every once in a while. I liked the comparaison and mentioned online and my favourite nick-name for him was created: Gui! the Tender Bear. I had forgotten about that nickname up until reading about his latest hibernation.

  4. Hey Dennis, I am worry about tonight frankly. You know you are lacking depth when Metro is on the first line and Pacman on the second line for that matter. I wonder what the story is with Sergei. He should be up with the big club now if only to give a shot in the arm of his big brother. I still maintain that I would have both brothers on a line with Gomez for a few games.

    I hope for Carey’s sake that the team shows up for him tonight. The last thing that he needs is to give up 2 or 3 bad goals tonight. He appears to be finding his groove and it would be a shame for him to get bombarded again tonight.

    Eternal hopeful I am.

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