Humbled At Home

Saying the Canadiens were lousy is pretty well all that needs to be said about the 6-2 loss to the Calgary Flames at the Bell Centre.

The Flames were excellent, the Habs weren’t. Montreal was outworked, outskated, outsmarted, gave up plenty of giveaways, and it was all capped off by the Flames fifth goal coming after P.K. fell down.

An embarrassing night for the CH, and this business of the other team usually scoring first is more than tiresome. The madness has to stop. Come-from-behind wins eventually slow down to a crawl. Like now.

Don’t look now but the team has lost their last three of four, so if it’s not a full-fledged slump, it could be very soon. It’s time for some soul-searching. I know it’s early but slumps are slumps and when the team is about to enter one, it’s depressing whether it’s early or later on.

They didn’t play well in Western Canada and it continues in their first game back at home. They need to play much better than this and it certainly can’t be hard. They just need to look at tapes of this game and do the opposite.

Random Notes:

Calgary outshot Montreal 19-4 in the first period, which is unacceptable to say the least. The great October run must have given the boys swelled heads.

Overall shots on goal – Calgary 36, Montreal 20.

Rene Bourque finally scored, which puts him on track for a 7-goal season. Max got the other. (Late-breaking correction – Bourque’s goal was given to Lars Eller later on, so forget the 7 goal thing).

Next up – the Hawks are in town on Tuesday. Time to stop the nonsense.


14 thoughts on “Humbled At Home”

  1. Easy to love ’em when they’re hot, slam ’em when they’re down BUT the boys are not putting forth the effort it takes to win! we saw what happened with Boston in playoffs and Tampa Bay THEN the meltdown with the Rangers. Effort and determination for 2 series and a lack there-off for one—- Price or no Price they were out hustled. This season they flirt with Leaf-style hockey—-win a few to keep our hopes up;then crash! Didn’t see the whole game last nite- kids had the TV– but what I saw SUCKED! Flames were skating circles around us and we couldn’t mount a sustained attack. Our PP is one dimensional–P.K.’s slapshot or a shot from the boards. No one in front of the net to cause havoc, except our little bull terrier Gallagher—- full credit to him and full shame on the rest of the boys!! We”re back to coach Thornbush cause he’s a thorn who lacks motivational skills[I could be wrong] his way is to bench ya or sit you out instead of some of Daryle Sutter “get the best out of them” ways. There’s kids on the team chomping at the bit for ice time but maybe Thornbush is scared they may show him up somehow or he don’t have a way with young folks. I just don’t see him using the talent Bergeron’s giving him.Why oh Why can he juggle every line but Patches and DD HAVE to stay together?I don’t like the look in P.K.’s eyes this year either, he seems ticked off or something. A few goals he scored from bueaty set-ups, he skates AWAY from the group and lets them come to him to celebrate. Bad body language in my books. I still say “We Have a Team” but I wish they’d show up to play on a regular basis. Happy birthday should it be someones.

  2. Thanks Peter. Great comment. They’re not putting forth the effort. It’s funny you compare last night’s game to the Rangers series because I was thinking the same thing when I was watching it. Passes never made it, guys falling down, weak effort, completely bottled up by the other team. Like the Rangers series. Just hated this game and maybe we’ve seen it coming for awhile. They stunk out west, and they were lucky to come back from being behind in a bunch of others. This was dismal, the PP sucks, and maybe you’re right, Therrien isn’t using players properly. At least throw Sekac and Bournival back out and see what happens. It’s three losses in four games with Chicago coming in. After that they play Buffalo, one of the worst in the league, and there’s no guarantee they’ll win either of these. Slumps make me nervous and they’re on the verge now. And P.K.’s had his moments but not enough for a 9 million man.

  3. Well Habby fan if your Habs start playing Leaf style hockey you will need a bottle of Pepto Bismal for your stomach. You have Chicago next who my Leafs barely beat 3-2 Saturday night after giving up 26 shots on net in the 3rd period……Toews and Kane had their carving knifes out in the 3rd… Reimer played like Plante and Bower together to save it……
    Leafs also beat Columbus 4-1 the night before so as the media in Toronto is planning the parade I am have my trusty bottle of Pepto Bismal as we head into Arizona

  4. We already need Pepto Bismal, LF. They’ve not been playing well, even though their record shows differently. But the good news is, if the Leafs can beat Chicago, then so can we!

  5. Classic habs blow out. They go out there playing like no one’s business and the whole thing wasn’t solid to start with … is it any wonder they started crashing a few days ago and haven’t gotten over it yet? And then you get over paid players who, in my opinion, let the little streak get to their heads. Habs do this they go weird… I th ink it’s a mystical thing, or a sort of folly, what people used to call lunatic! They’re nuts right now,and their nuts are not shining. And what’s strange is how come the manager and coach don’t realize what ‘s going on. It’s the dream getting to everyone , for instance, comparing them to the last time they won a bunch of games back in 61. Like who cares at this point. The really young fans don’t know that and they don’t care. THey want wins, and goals, and games, and we do too! It’s too bad about all the big fancy contracts, or the coaches and managers could yell, scream and threaten them! hahaa nuts eh, well,it’s how I feel. Overpaid underplaying. It’s a pity, they havea great goalie. Fo r sure there are other viewers who are gonna make a better analysis. I don’t see hockey that way. But I betcha they will beat Chicago. Habs like beating better teams whenevery everyone expects them to lose, and then they win. Not the best way to play professional hockey on an ongoing basis, and no way to get to the cup, but it is who they’ve been for awhile. It wont’ change fast. the coach has forgotten how to use his lines and his new guys… Im rambling…

  6. Right on, Bill. Until they stop coming up with such inexcusable showings over a certain amount of games (and I don’t mean a stinker here and there, I mean when they put several together like they’re doing now), then they probably won’t make it to the promised land. Every team has bad outings but we’ve seen them as being lucky so far and they snagged a bunch of points in doing so. I think they’re a really good team this year but it’s like there’s less motivation or something. Even P.K. as Peter points out, seems to be off somehow. If these five “leaders” all think they’re captain, it’s not working. Or maybe it’s Therrien. Every year this team screws with our heads.

  7. DK, with JM we would get a lead & sit on it with MT we get behind & hope to catch up, well it’s catching up to us!!!

  8. You’re never as good as you think you are after a win. And you’re never as bad as you think you are after a loss.

    Let’s just chill. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I can take it if they lose a game Pthere and here—- but it’s HOW they lose that gets me in a dither. Our youngsters are capable to match other teams newcomers but somehow aren’t consistent . JUST FOLLOW GALLAGHER TO THE FRONT OF THE NET AND CAUSE SOME SCREENS. Leaf Fan-Ottawa my earlier comments of “leaf style hockey” was not a slur at your team— I have a lot of Leaf fans who share their frustration. PS every time I see Danno’s post I shudder at the Rockets eyes burning thru me—did I screw up on my last shift?? Nite all

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