Huge Honkin’ Win In New Jersey

What do you expect when the Canadiens play the New Jersey Devils in New Jersey? You expect a tight, low-scoring game. And if you’re a Habs fan, you expect a win of course.

Which is what happened on this Saturday night in early April as the Montreal boys, led by Mathieu Darche with two goals, beat the Devils 3-1 in as important a game as can be for the Canadiens this year.

The Habs came through tonight, as they should, especially after giving off such a putrid smell in the past several games, and although they were far from setting the world on fire, allowed the Devils only 21 shots on Carey Price and made the most of their chances to get the job done.

Montreal managed just 29 shots themselves, but absolutely, this can be expected when playing the smothering Devils.

Darche’s two and one by PK Subban was all it took, along with Carey Price being solid throughout, and it was only after I seriously began to think shutout without saying it out loud that Ilya Kovalchuk bulged the twine with Price caught out of position.

I not only have to not say shutout, but I suppose I can’t even think it too.

All in all, three goals on Martin Brodeur and 29 shots overall is like a bombardment against this Newarkian squad, and fans of the bleu, blanc et rouge should be mighty happy about this. I know I am.

Random Notes:

Always nice to see Jacques Lemaire, even though he’s been on the opposite bench for years, and forever since he belonged to the Montreal organization. But I still don’t understand him saying in an interview a few months ago that coming back to Montreal means absolutely nothing to him except that he gets to see his granddaughter.

Lemaire was a Junior Hab for three years, and won eight Stanley Cups as a player with the big team from 1967 to 1979. He was also behind the Canadiens bench for a couple of years in the 1980’s.

I suppose, because he’s been away for a long time, the memories have faded, but what great memories they must have been. How could they completely fade? I don’t understand at all why it wouldn’t be at least a little special for him to come home.

But whatever. He lost and isn’t in the playoffs, and we won and will be.

Next up – Chicago visits the Bell Centre on Tuesday. The Hawks are fighting off the Flames for the final playoff spot in the west and wouldn’t it be fun if Montreal clobbered Chicago and contributed to them golfing early this year?

As it stands now, Montreal still holds down sixth place and would meet Boston in round one, but those bastard Buffalonians, New Yorkers, and Carolinians remain sniffing at their heels.

13 thoughts on “Huge Honkin’ Win In New Jersey”

  1. The team surprised me yet again. I do hope they find a spot for Darche next season as he gives a lot to the team. It seems that Lemaire must have a gripe with the team from somewhere along their history together because that is an impressive career he has had with the Habs and as an outsider looking in it’s a lot of great times. My memories of Lemaire as a player are all positive but not as thrilled with the system he has employed as a coach. I still prefer an open game to the stuff we see so often now.
    Shots in the first period tonight were 9-3 for the Canadien’s. What a boring game it must have been to watch with a shot almost every two minutes.

  2. Great game, they’re playing very determined now, I really do want to see a Habs VS Bruins first round, it will be entertaining for sure.

    And Carey’s speechless interview moment was PRICE-less. Get it?

    Lame joke.

  3. Dennis, why couldn’t the boys play like this during our little get-together? It’s nice to see the good Habs are finally back and all will be forgiven if they win the next 19 games. It’s not too much to ask is it?

    Gail gave me heck for saying “there goes Price’s shutout” AFTER the Devils scored. So the S word is banished from our house too. I probably shouldn’t even be thinking it or writing it even. But I suspect it’s Bob Cole’s fault for jinxing it. I don’t watch HNIC but he utters the word a lot when covering the Canadiens so he must be responsible for all those games where only one goal gets by Price to spoil it for him.

    It seemed to me there have been a lot of games where Price has let in only one goal. So I checked Price’s game log and found something interesting. If I counted correctly, Price has played a total of 13 complete one-goal against games. Add to that his eight shutout victories and it adds up to a pretty impressive season for a guy many doubted.

    As a footnote I should add that Price was robbed of a shutout in that game against the Thrashers last Tuesday. Gill was cut in the face by a high stick and was bleeding but play carried on and resulted in a goal. Price should have nine shutouts instead of just eight but the refs dropped the ball.

    I agree it would be nice if we can help out the Flames by beating the Hawks on Tuesday. Right now, Vancouver and Montreal seem like the only two Canadian teams that will be making it to the playoffs.

    Who knows? The Leafs still have a chance to make it to the playoffs. We play them on Saturday in the last game of the year and we might be able to help them by letting them beat us. Not! 🙂

  4. Morning everyone. Nice to beat the devils finally at their own game. We were the better team and it showed. I like Darche too and have not seem many negative comments about him. He is playing for a contract and it shows. He has all the tools (heart, skill, speed, a little size). He is the type that can damage and drive a boston team a little crazy. I just wish AK47 and a few others could plays with Darche’s desire. And it does look like Phil will get his wish and we’re playing the ruins in the first round. This doesn’t bother me as we can give them a run, as long as we stick to speed and skill. ruins cannot compete in this area. If we play our size, then we’re up sh!t creek. I think Spacek is close to returning, as is Max. Who knows, maybe Gorges and Markov will surprise us with news soon. We’re getting healthy people. If I was a ruins fan, I would be a lot nervous as our Habs look a lot better than last month.

  5. perhaps lemaire had some sort of falling out with management after his coaching stint in montreal or he is just trying to match jm in the lack of emotion category.

  6. Hobo, how he could have to emotions about his timke in Montreal is beyond me. I’ve given up on humanity excpet for my friends and family and Rocket and a couple of others. Does my cat count?

  7. Mayo, the playoff race is getting tighter and tighter and the Rangers won today. So maybe we won’t see the Screwins.

  8. Danno, Bob Cole is bad for that. I’ve noticed that. And I don’t want the Leafs in the playoffs. Not only just for me, but my brother and others in Leaf country would never hear the end of it. And you tell Gail to be nice to you. (this is where I insert smiley face if I had a way to do it)!

  9. Dennis, here’s to nothing but wins for the Habs!!!! Keep those inferior teams away from the Habs in the rankings.

  10. Thanks, Danno. What a jokester. It is pretty neat. I really like Price, not just as a player but also as a regular guy.

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