Howie Going For A Spin

I noticed the following picture on eBay recently.

It’s Howie Morenz as a teenager back in Stratford, Ontario circa 1920, riding in a 1902 Olds, the year he was born.

It was still a few years until he’d lace ’em up as a rookie with the Habs. The beginning of a journey that saw him as the finest player of his generation and one of the greatest Montreal Canadiens of all time.

The seller was listing this original photo at $3200.00, which…. ahem….is way out of whack but who am I to say what someone should or shouldn’t do?

If he can find a buyer who’ll pay $3200.00 for this, more power to him. But truthfully, it’s closer to the $500 range.

It’s neat though.



4 thoughts on “Howie Going For A Spin”

  1. Great picture! Thanks for explaining it because I would have taken it for a shot from the Leafs’ last Stanley Cup parade!

  2. Mike, what a thought!!! Dennis, I’d pay that for the car and drive it to a Habs game with you riding along.Mike would think the Habs were preparing for—————-parade.

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