Howe Loved His Car, And Other Tidbits

 Stories From Various “The Hockey News'” Over The Years:

Oct. 1, 1947 – More Canadian hockey players have married American girls while playing with Hershey than any other US city.

Oct. 13, 1948 – According to rave notices, the best young goalie in professional hockey circles will be in the nets for the Indianapolis Capitals during the 1948-49 American League season. He is Terry Sawchuk.

Feb. 10, 1951 – There are 10 Detroit Red Wing bachelors and the writer wants to know if you are woman-haters or the right one just hasn’t come along. “Only been in love once in my life – that was with my first car, a ’34 Chevy,” said Gordon Howe. Red Kelly chipped in: “Brunettes or blondes are fine, but I can’t get along with another redhead. I want a wife who’s a good cook. A brunette would do for me.”

Oct. 11, 1958 – Doug Harvey, vice-president and director of the NHL players’ pension fund, admitted player representatives were not sure their pension was being handled properly and asked the owners to allow a survey to be taken.

Oct. 24, 1964 – The NHL’s new rule that forbids a goalie to from deliberately falling on the puck may change the way goalies are penalized. For example, in the recent All-Star game, goalie Charlie Hodge was victimized when he smothered the puck and was given the first penalty ever incurred by a goalkeeper in the 18-year history of the classic.

Nov. 3, 1972 – Harold Ballard, president of Maple Leaf Gardens and Toronto Maple Leafs, was sentenced Oct. 20 to three years in the Kingston Penitentiary for fraud and theft. The nearly 70 year old Ballard, who was convicted Aug. 15 of 47 counts of fraud and theft involving $205,000 diverted from the Gardens, was emotionally shaken by the sentence.

March 8, 1974 – The world of hockey is mourning the death of one of its greatest competitors, Tim Horton. The 44-year old Buffalo Sabres defenceman was killed in a single car accident at 4:30 a.m. Feb. 21 near St. Catherines, Ont. Horton was returning from Toronto where the Sabres had played a game.

Feb. 4, 1983 – The Seattle Breakers of the Western League swapped the rights to left winger Tom Martin in exchange for a used bus.

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