Howe And Richard Had Their Problems, But The Respect Was There

Gordie Howe carried out a Maurice Richard jersey on to the ice at the big birthday bash, and it’s another nice example that any problems the two superstars might have had were put to bed a long time ago.  Howe also attended the Rocket’s funeral in May of 2000, and it was a thoughtful and caring gesture on Howe’s part.

Both number nines respected each other on the ice, they were the greatest players of their time, but Howe wasn’t overly-impressed that Richard was such a god in Quebec, and the Rocket always fumed when Howe tallied more goals than him. But things truly hit the wall in 1998 when Howe was negotiating to play one game with the Detroit Vipers of the International Hockey League, which he wanted to do so he could say he played pro in six different decades. He did this at age 70, playing one shift, and this didn’t sit well with the Rocket.

The Rocket came out publicly, saying the whole idea was a farce and a joke, and Howe should just leave things alone. Howe replied with words something like, I didn’t like him much when we played and I like him even less now.

But when Howe went to the funeral only a couple of years after that, we knew the hatchet was buried. And there he was again at the ceremony, holding Rocket’s jersey, and it was a beautiful sight.

10 thoughts on “Howe And Richard Had Their Problems, But The Respect Was There”

  1. Howe’s not ageing. He looks in better shape than most of the players 30 years younger than him. I was worried for several of them walking down the short ramp in skates.

  2. 31, Crosby and Ovechkin are so much like Richard and Howe. Of course there are differences, but in general, it’s a great match-up.

  3. I don’t think Gordie ever aged, he looked great.

    Christopher, I also agree with you, I was also scared for some of the players entering the ice. The only person that came out flying was Patrice Brisebois. the rest had to put one foot down, the skate off.

  4. Hey Dennis;Missed the ceremonies as i was tavelling to gold river but saw the game and was inpressed.Carey played awesome,well shit the whole team played awesome.I will find the clip of the ceremonies and watch it tonite,great write up on the Bouchards,I always liked Ken Dryden,hey how do i put a pic on my coments like i see for some of the folks that write into you?

  5. it’s simple, all you have to do is sign up to the website:
    and then you can upload your pictures, it will automatically set it up for you, just give it 10 minutes or so.

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